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Part One: Amari

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Draper, Sharon. Copper Sun. Simon Pulse, 2006.


• Amari was standing in the heat, naked and shackled to other female slaves on the auction block. All she saw was a sea of white faces that looked uninterested in her plight.

• Then her eyes landed on a young white girl her age (15).

• The site of a seagull reminded her of her younger brother who was unable to fly away from their captors.

Part One: Amari (this section is from the third person limited point of view, focused on Amari)

Chapter One: Amari and Besa

• Amari and her younger brother Kwasi were walking in the Ziavi village. Kwasi teased Amari about her beau, Besa.

• They soon ran into Besa, to whom Amari was betrothed last year.

• Amari could not talk because he had to tell...

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