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Phillip M Hoose
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Claudette want to do after reading about Harriet Tubman?
(a) Liberate her people.
(b) Pass as white.
(c) Help desegregate the Northern schools where it was possible to do so.
(d) Move to Africa.

2. Where were the cops taking Claudette?
(a) To her bus stop since the bus was broken down.
(b) To talk to a lawyer.
(c) To her home so she would not be in danger walking through a white neighborhood.
(d) To jail.

3. What made Claudette angry when she would go to downtown Montgomery?
(a) That the buses the blacks wrote were constantly breaking down.
(b) That there were racists signs in store windows.
(c) That she could not try on clothes.
(d) That the buses were only air conditioned in the white sections.

4. What does Fred Gray urge?
(a) Claudette's family to consider the hazard of contesting the charge.
(b) That Claudette's family move away from Montgomery and the charges would be dropped.
(c) A plea bargain.
(d) That Claudette apologize publicly to the bus driver.

5. For what was Jeremiah Reeves sentenced to death?
(a) Killing a police officer.
(b) Raping a white woman.
(c) Killing a black child.
(d) Raping a black woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why were some people angry at Claudette?

2. What were blacks' attitudes as Claudette finished high school?

3. What were many of Claudette's friends at school feeling?

4. Who came up while Claudette was still standing with the white boys?

5. What is one thing Jim Crow did to the blacks?

Short Essay Questions

1. How old was Claudette when she found out what happened when blacks acted up against whites and how did she acquire that knowledge?

2. What did Claudette say was the reason Reeves' conviction changed her life?

3. What did people think of Claudette, what made her curious about the whites and what was she taught about the whites?

4. How did the bus drivers enforce the rules and what happened if a black person stood up to the driver?

5. What happened when the lawyer, Nixon, called Rosa Parks about Claudette?

6. How did Claudette's appeal end up?

7. What happened to Claudette in the black community following her incident and how did some feel about it?

8. Who was Claudette's lawyer, what did he do for her defense and what were the charges?

9. What did Claudette find out about her intelligence in school, why wasn't she popular and what did she think about the way blacks perceived themselves?

10. Why didn't Claudette get arrested at the first stop when a policeman came to arrest her?

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