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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the people of Chutreaux lucky?
(a) The architect is quickly replaced.
(b) The clergy change their minds.
(c) Their work stoppage lasts only five years.
(d) The cathedral is basically finished.

2. To what might this unique device be compared?
(a) A crane.
(b) An elevator.
(c) A pulley.
(d) A wheel for guinea pigs.

3. In 1280, the choir of the cathedral is ready to receive ___________.
(a) The crown molding.
(b) The roof.
(c) The vaulted ceiling.
(d) The stained glass windows.

4. In 1280, how long has it been since construction started?
(a) Thirty years.
(b) Thirty-eight years.
(c) Twenty years.
(d) Twenty-eight years.

5. Wooden arches, like ____________, are placed from pier to pier.
(a) Centerings.
(b) Triforiums.
(c) Trefoils.
(d) Scaffolding.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the ribs are completed, carpenters install _____________.

2. Once the mold is broken away, revealing the finished bell, the bells are shipped to the cathedral and hoisted into ___________.

3. How does he die?

4. Masons then lay courses of light __________ stones over the wooden spanners.

5. As the men walk so the axle turns and winds up ________, lifting very heavy loads from the floor.

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place while the windows are being installed?

2. How is the ceiling constructed?

3. How does the casting process for the bells begin? What is the purpose of the wax?

4. What happens in 1306?

5. How is the completion of the cathedral celebrated?

6. Describe the drain pipes.

7. Describe the cathedral's three huge doors.

8. What happens to the Bishop in 1281?

9. Why is Wiliam of Planz replaced?

10. When is the cathedral ready for the vaulted ceiling? What foundation is also built at the same time?

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