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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who controls funds in the church in Chutreaux?
(a) A group of clergymen known as the chapter.
(b) The King of France.
(c) The people of Chutreaux.
(d) A group of master craftsmen.

2. The walls are complex and consist of piers, or _________, that support the vault and roof.
(a) Boards.
(b) Columns.
(c) Layers.
(d) Sheets.

3. The buttresses must be built upon temporary wooden frames called ____________.
(a) Hurdles.
(b) Centerings.
(c) Framers.
(d) Stilts.

4. The roof is located above the vaulting, and consists of _____________ frames.
(a) Oblong.
(b) Rectangular.
(c) Triangular.
(d) Square.

5. The masons place the stones while who mix and apply the mortar?
(a) The slaves.
(b) The mortar craftsmen.
(c) The laborers.
(d) The mason apprentices.

6. _____________, a row of arches and a narrow passageway, rises twenty feet.
(a) The pier.
(b) The emporium.
(c) The triforium.
(d) The trefoils.

7. The complex series of foundation excavations are executed according to ___________.
(a) The surveying stakes.
(b) The architect's plans.
(c) The spray painted lines on the ground.
(d) The stone mason's opinion.

8. Is Chutreaux, France a real place?
(a) No.
(b) Yes, but it was destroyed many centuries ago.
(c) Yes, but it is actually in England.
(d) Yes.

9. Each _____________ is mortared together.
(a) Brick.
(b) Timber.
(c) Piece of glass.
(d) Stone.

10. The scaffolding holds hurdles, or ____________ made from woven sticks.
(a) Work platforms.
(b) Jumps.
(c) Blankets.
(d) Railings.

11. What happens to the old cathedral?
(a) It is not touched.
(b) It is moved.
(c) It is altered.
(d) It is demolished.

12. What else is done to this location?
(a) It is marked with stakes.
(b) It is smoothed.
(c) It is destroyed.
(d) It is decorated.

13. By this time some work continues inside ___________.
(a) The Bishop's palace.
(b) The cathedral.
(c) The various workshops.
(d) The nearby houses.

14. Why are the new stonework and mortar covered in this?
(a) To keep them from falling down.
(b) To keep them from cracking in the cold.
(c) To make them more appealing.
(d) To decorate them.

15. To date, over how many men have been involved in this project?
(a) Three hundred.
(b) Five hundred.
(c) Two hundred.
(d) Four hundred.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the spring of _________ the Bishop of Chutreaux blesses the first foundation stone and it is lowered into the excavated foundations.

2. From where did much of the new lumber come?

3. The walls of the choir are constructed in how many phases?

4. What happens to a portion of the Bishop's palace?

5. What halts construction for five months?

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