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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is this locale equipped with?
(a) Workshops and a forge.
(b) Pneumatic chisels.
(c) Restaurants and inns.
(d) Activities for the families of the workers.

2. The buttresses must be built upon temporary wooden frames called ____________.
(a) Centerings.
(b) Framers.
(c) Stilts.
(d) Hurdles.

3. Why are the walls filled with this?
(a) Concrete is stronger than stone.
(b) Solid stone walls would be too expensive.
(c) Some sort of insulation is needed to keep the cathdral a consistent temperature.
(d) It is very inexpensive.

4. What is done with the Romanesque crypt?
(a) It is destroyed.
(b) It is moved to another town.
(c) It is altered.
(d) It is saved.

5. This typical ________ architecture technique allowed the piers to remain thin relative to their height.
(a) Gothic.
(b) Hellenistic.
(c) Baroque.
(d) Romanesque.

6. Once the design has been approved the master carpenter takes about ___________ men into the forest of Chantilly and cuts timber.
(a) Two thousand.
(b) Twenty thousand.
(c) Two hundred.
(d) Twenty.

7. Why are many houses demolished?
(a) The houses are not pleasing to the eye.
(b) The owners have not paid their mortgages.
(c) The new cathedral is much larger than the old one.
(d) The new cathedral is in a different style from these homes.

8. What halts construction for five months?
(a) A terrible storm.
(b) An earthquake.
(c) A volcanic eruption.
(d) The winter.

9. How is the cut lumber transported to Chutreaux?
(a) By land.
(b) By air.
(c) By car.
(d) By water.

10. The arcade of piers rises how far from the foundation?
(a) Eighty feet.
(b) One hundred feet.
(c) One hundred forty.
(d) One hundred twenty.

11. From where does the cut stone come?
(a) Somme.
(b) Bavaria.
(c) Burgundy.
(d) Chantilly.

12. In the spring of _________ the Bishop of Chutreaux blesses the first foundation stone and it is lowered into the excavated foundations.
(a) 1235.
(b) 1253.
(c) 1352.
(d) 1325

13. To date, over how many men have been involved in this project?
(a) Four hundred.
(b) Five hundred.
(c) Three hundred.
(d) Two hundred.

14. William produces a floor plan and a wall elevation drawing. What is it based on?
(a) Sheets of papyrus.
(b) Sheets of paper.
(c) A chalkboard.
(d) Sheets of plaster.

15. Once the site is cleared, the location of what are surveyed?
(a) The fellowship hall and choir.
(b) The altar and aisle.
(c) The apse and choir.
(d) The sanctuary and Bishop's palace.

Short Answer Questions

1. By this time some work continues inside ___________.

2. Why are the new stonework and mortar covered in this?

3. Most importantly, the stone cutters work inside ___________.

4. Are these drawings approved?

5. As the various workshops begin production, what do they require?

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