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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 1 - 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are many houses demolished?
(a) The new cathedral is in a different style from these homes.
(b) The houses are not pleasing to the eye.
(c) The owners have not paid their mortgages.
(d) The new cathedral is much larger than the old one.

2. What is this locale equipped with?
(a) Workshops and a forge.
(b) Pneumatic chisels.
(c) Activities for the families of the workers.
(d) Restaurants and inns.

3. What else is done to this location?
(a) It is smoothed.
(b) It is decorated.
(c) It is destroyed.
(d) It is marked with stakes.

4. What is done with the Romanesque crypt?
(a) It is altered.
(b) It is saved.
(c) It is moved to another town.
(d) It is destroyed.

5. What do the various dashed lines between the piers on the floor plan show?
(a) The pattern of the brick.
(b) The location of windows.
(c) The ribs of the vaulted ceiling.
(d) The stairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. The complex series of foundation excavations are executed according to ___________.

2. To whom are the drawings presented?

3. Who controls funds in the church in Chutreaux?

4. The master quarryman supervises about ____________ men cutting limestone.

5. As the new cathedral is to be enormous, the foundation is dug to what depth?

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