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Object Descriptions

Romanesque Crypt - This is the old Chutreaux cathedral sat over this wherein various bishops and other important people were interred.

The Floor Plan and the Wall Elevation - William of Planz presents this to the Bishop of Chutreaux and the Chapter on two large sheets of plaster with drawings.

Template - This is a piece of wood cut into the shape of a desired stone or piece of glass.

Workshops and Forges - Through the construction phases, these are built and dismantled at various work sites. Some are intended to house the various craftsmen, especially during the winter months of cold temperature. Othes are built off-site to organize various work activities.

Scaffolding and Hurdles - Once the cathedral structure exceeds a few feet in height, this is required to allow the craftsmen to reach the working course.

The Great Wheel - This was a lifting device...

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