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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Carrie embarrassed?
(a) Because she overhears Tommy ask Sue to the prom and he says something off color.
(b) Because Tommy asks her to the prom.
(c) Because when Tommy asks Chris to the prom, Chris tells him to ask Carrie the witch.
(d) She is not embarrassed, just confused.

2. Where does Billy go?
(a) To a farm.
(b) To the library.
(c) To the quarry.
(d) To the grocery store.

3. Who does Chris call after leaving the decorating group?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Carrie.
(c) Billy Nolan.
(d) Her father.

4. How are Carrie's parents described?
(a) As atheists.
(b) As religious zealots.
(c) As good, kind people.
(d) As lukewarm Christians.

5. Who is going to get an awful surprise at the prom?
(a) Sue and the other girls who accepted their punishment.
(b) The teachers.
(c) The attendees.
(d) No one.

6. Why does Sue cry?
(a) Her boyfriend breaks up with her.
(b) She falls and breaks her little finger.
(c) Carrie confronts her about the other day.
(d) She is disappointed in herself.

7. What else disconcerts Mr. Morton?
(a) That Carrie's mom is unwilling to come pick up Carrie.
(b) That Miss Desjardin knows he is married.
(c) That the other girls were so mean to Carrie.
(d) That Carrie's mother did not explain about menstrual cycles.

8. What does Carrie do when she gets mad at her mother?
(a) Locks her mother in the closet.
(b) Slaps her mother.
(c) Tells her mother she is moving out.
(d) Makes the pie pan fly across the room.

9. What does Carrie do with the brush on her dresser?
(a) Raises it in the air mentally.
(b) Brushes her hair 100 times.
(c) Throws it throw the window.
(d) Uses it to brush her dog.

10. What prayer does Margret recite?
(a) The prayer of exorcism.
(b) The Lord's prayer.
(c) The 23rd psalm.
(d) The Prayer of St. Francis.

11. What does Carrie's mother do when she sees Carrie speaking to the neighbor teen?
(a) Goes a grabs Carrie and slaps her.
(b) Calls the police.
(c) Shoots the teen in the foot.
(d) Tears off pieces of her own flesh.

12. Why would Carrie's mother yell at the neighbors?
(a) Because they were sinning and ungodly.
(b) Because they play loud music.
(c) Because they don't mow their yards.
(d) Because they let their dogs poop in her yard.

13. What does Margret think about sex?
(a) It is God's blessing to humankind.
(b) It is necessary to have children, that's the only reason.
(c) It is filthy.
(d) It is acceptable between a man and woman.

14. What does Sue Snell tell Tommy Ross?
(a) About her dress for the upcoming prom.
(b) About what she does to Carrie in gym class.
(c) The answers to the algebra final.
(d) That she is pregnant.

15. Why is Billy excited?
(a) At the upcoming cookout with the steak he buys.
(b) He is not excited; he's angry.
(c) At the idea of giving pig's blood to a pig.
(d) At the idea of paying back Tommy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does one neighbor do just to upset Carrie's mother?

2. What does Billy put on ice?

3. What does Carrie lift that crashes down immediately?

4. Why is Carrie angry?

5. What does Sue Snell believe is Chris Hargensen's main goal?

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