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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why would Carrie's mother yell at the neighbors?
(a) Because they were sinning and ungodly.
(b) Because they let their dogs poop in her yard.
(c) Because they play loud music.
(d) Because they don't mow their yards.

2. When does Carrie's father die?
(a) When Carrie is 10.
(b) He is still alive.
(c) Shortly after Carrie is born.
(d) When Carrie is 14.

3. Where does Sue Snell go at the opening of this section?
(a) The library.
(b) Practice for the school play.
(c) The church.
(d) A local hangout to have root beer.

4. Who is going to get an awful surprise at the prom?
(a) No one.
(b) Sue and the other girls who accepted their punishment.
(c) The attendees.
(d) The teachers.

5. What is Chris going to do everything possible to accomplish?
(a) Ruin Sue's prom night.
(b) Get her boyfriend to forget going to the prom also.
(c) Enjoy her night regardless.
(d) Make sure Tommy and Carrie are crowned.

6. What are Sue Snell and other students doing on Wednesday afternoon?
(a) Swimming at the river.
(b) Studying for finals in the library.
(c) Decorating for the prom.
(d) Having ice cream at the drugstore.

7. What does Carrie's mother think of Carrie?
(a) That she is misguided.
(b) That she is evil.
(c) That she is rebellious.
(d) That she is innnocent.

8. What does Margret tell her daughter, Carrie?
(a) She is now a woman.
(b) She is going through a normal situation.
(c) She is the best daughter she could ever wish for.
(d) She is lazy.

9. Why does Carrie become hysterical in gym class?
(a) She breaks her arm.
(b) She breaks her ankle.
(c) The girls put her in a shower and blasted her with cold water.
(d) She starts her menstrual cycle and doesn't know what it is.

10. What happens the year Carrie is born?
(a) A red moon happens once a month.
(b) Margret's husband dies.
(c) Margret kills her mother.
(d) Margret writes her mother and urges her to refrain from sex.

11. Who does Chris call after leaving the decorating group?
(a) Billy Nolan.
(b) Carrie.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her mother.

12. What does Sue Snell suddenly realize?
(a) That Carrie is almost deaf.
(b) That Carrie is younger than the rest of them.
(c) That Carrie is almost blind.
(d) That Carrie has never had her menstrual cycle before.

13. Why is Carrie angry?
(a) That she had to come home.
(b) That the girls threw tampons at her.
(c) That she missed a final in algebra.
(d) That her mother did not tell her about a girl's menstrual cycle.

14. How is Carrie treated at home?
(a) She is adored and spoiled.
(b) She is abused.
(c) She is treated normally.
(d) She is ignored.

15. What does a little boy on a bike call Carrie as she is walking home?
(a) Pimple face.
(b) Zit face.
(c) Fart face.
(d) Witch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Carrie doing at the end of gym class that begins the plot of the story?

2. To what school has Chris Hargensen been accepted?

3. What are Carrie's abilities like?

4. What happens to the boy who shouts at Carrie?

5. What does Miss Desjardin do to the girls who haze Carrie?

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