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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a little boy on a bike call Carrie as she is walking home?
(a) Fart face.
(b) Zit face.
(c) Pimple face.
(d) Witch.

2. To what school has Chris Hargensen been accepted?
(a) A very prestigious college.
(b) A community college.
(c) She has not yet been accepted to college.
(d) A fairly unknown liberal arts college.

3. Why does Sue cry?
(a) Carrie confronts her about the other day.
(b) She is disappointed in herself.
(c) She falls and breaks her little finger.
(d) Her boyfriend breaks up with her.

4. What list does Chris look at?
(a) The final grades for the history class.
(b) The food and drink shopping list.
(c) The names of the faculty attending the prom.
(d) The candidates for prom king and queen.

5. What does Sue Snell want Tommy Ross to do?
(a) Go with her to apologize to Carrie.
(b) Ask Carrie to the prom.
(c) Ask Chris to the prom.
(d) Ask her to the prom.

6. What happens to the boy who shouts at Carrie?
(a) He topples off his bike.
(b) He explodes.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He turns blue.

7. Why does Miss Desjardin slap Carrie?
(a) Because Carrie swears at Miss Desjardin.
(b) Because Carrie slaps another girl.
(c) To get Carrie under control.
(d) She has never liked Carrie.

8. When Carrie's mother screams and tears out her flesh, what happens?
(a) Rocks fall from the sky and hit the house.
(b) The neighbors turn up their music.
(c) A stone kills Carrie's father.
(d) The police come and take Carrie away.

9. What does Carrie do with the brush on her dresser?
(a) Throws it throw the window.
(b) Brushes her hair 100 times.
(c) Raises it in the air mentally.
(d) Uses it to brush her dog.

10. Where does Miss Desjardin take Carrie?
(a) The hospital.
(b) Mr. Morton's office.
(c) To the bus station.
(d) The school clinic.

11. What does one neighbor do just to upset Carrie's mother?
(a) Sends her daughter out in a bikini to sunbathe.
(b) Takes her great dane everyday to poop in Margret White's yard.
(c) Buys a huge amplifier to make the music louder.
(d) Lets her grass get 3 feet high.

12. Why doesn't Mr. Morton understand the situation?
(a) He doesn't care about the situation.
(b) Because he is not listening.
(c) Because he is a male.
(d) Because Miss Desjardin does not explain it.

13. What happens to the bathroom lights?
(a) They brighten.
(b) Nothing.
(c) They flicker.
(d) They pop loudly and then go out.

14. Why is Carrie angry?
(a) That her mother did not tell her about a girl's menstrual cycle.
(b) That she had to come home.
(c) That she missed a final in algebra.
(d) That the girls threw tampons at her.

15. What are Sue Snell and other students doing on Wednesday afternoon?
(a) Having ice cream at the drugstore.
(b) Swimming at the river.
(c) Decorating for the prom.
(d) Studying for finals in the library.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tommy tell Sue?

2. How are Carrie's parents described?

3. What is Carrie White doing in her room?

4. What are the girls talking about in gym class?

5. What does Carrie's mother do when she sees Carrie speaking to the neighbor teen?

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