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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carrie lift that crashes down immediately?
(a) The dresser.
(b) The television.
(c) The bed with her sitting on it.
(d) Her dog.

2. How are Carrie's parents described?
(a) As atheists.
(b) As religious zealots.
(c) As lukewarm Christians.
(d) As good, kind people.

3. At what is Chris's dad not successful?
(a) Helping her boyfriend get into the same college as Chris.
(b) Convincing the principal to discipline Carrie.
(c) Convincing Carrie to drop charges.
(d) Getting her into the prom.

4. What do the others think Chris is whispering?
(a) A joke since the other girl laughs.
(b) A surprise decorating idea that will be really neat.
(c) Nothing good.
(d) They do not care.

5. What does Carrie do when she gets mad at her mother?
(a) Locks her mother in the closet.
(b) Tells her mother she is moving out.
(c) Slaps her mother.
(d) Makes the pie pan fly across the room.

6. What does Margret White call women's breasts?
(a) The twin peaks of hell.
(b) Nothing; she won't mention such things.
(c) Sinful mounds.
(d) Dirty pillows.

7. What is Carrie doing at the end of gym class that begins the plot of the story?
(a) Asking for an excuse to not participate that day.
(b) Reading a book on metaphysics.
(c) Taking a shower.
(d) Talking with the other girls about the prom.

8. Where does Miss Desjardin take Carrie?
(a) To the bus station.
(b) The hospital.
(c) Mr. Morton's office.
(d) The school clinic.

9. When Carrie's mother screams and tears out her flesh, what happens?
(a) The neighbors turn up their music.
(b) Rocks fall from the sky and hit the house.
(c) The police come and take Carrie away.
(d) A stone kills Carrie's father.

10. What does Sue Snell tell Tommy Ross?
(a) That she is pregnant.
(b) About her dress for the upcoming prom.
(c) About what she does to Carrie in gym class.
(d) The answers to the algebra final.

11. What does Chris think is possible on prom night?
(a) That Tommy and Carrie would be crowned king and queen.
(b) That people will have a bad time since Chris won't be there and she's the life of the party usually.
(c) That Chris will be allowed to go to the prom.
(d) That Sue will help her get her revenge against Mr. Morton.

12. What does Carrie do with the brush on her dresser?
(a) Uses it to brush her dog.
(b) Throws it throw the window.
(c) Raises it in the air mentally.
(d) Brushes her hair 100 times.

13. What does Margret tell her daughter, Carrie?
(a) She is the best daughter she could ever wish for.
(b) She is now a woman.
(c) She is going through a normal situation.
(d) She is lazy.

14. Who comes in and whispers to someone on the decorating committee?
(a) Miss Desjardin.
(b) Chris Hargensen.
(c) Carrie.
(d) Billy Nolan.

15. What else disconcerts Mr. Morton?
(a) That Carrie's mother did not explain about menstrual cycles.
(b) That Miss Desjardin knows he is married.
(c) That Carrie's mom is unwilling to come pick up Carrie.
(d) That the other girls were so mean to Carrie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What list does Chris look at?

2. What does Carrie's mother do when she sees Carrie speaking to the neighbor teen?

3. What does Billy do?

4. Why does Carrie become hysterical in gym class?

5. What does a little boy on a bike call Carrie as she is walking home?

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