Carrie Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happens in August, 1966, at the home of Margret White? Who does Margret live with? How does she treat that person?

There is a rain of stones reported in August of 1966 on the house of Mrs. Margret White. Mrs. White lives in the house with her three-year-old daughter, Carrie. Carrie is abused at home and tormented at school.

2. What happens at school in gym class when Carrie is seventeen?

Carrie White is in the girls shower at school following her gym class. The girls are talking about the prom and other things when Carrie steps out of the shower and all of them see the blood running down her leg. The girls in the shower begin to yell obscene things at Carrie and throw tampons at her, telling her to plug it up.

3. How does Carrie respond to the girls in gym class?

Carrie becomes hysterical, screaming that she is bleeding to death.

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