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Short Answer Questions

1. Flory visits Veraswami in order to _______________________________.

2. What causes Mrs. Lackersteen to lecture Elizabeth on being "cheap?"

3. Whose arrival alarms Mrs. Lackersteen and Elizabeth?

4. How does Elizabeth thwarts Lackersteen's attempts at rape?

5. What is the description of the mood of Chapter 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Elizabeth's attitude toward Flory?

2. Why does Flory's birthmark discourage him from kissing Elizabeth?

3. Why is Flory intimidated by Verrall?

4. What do the two riderless ponies indicate about Verrall and Elizabeth?

5. What is the result of Ellis' confrontation with the local boys?

6. How has Ma Hla May's behavior changed?

7. What choice does Macgregor offer the Englishmen in regards to electing a native member of the Club?

8. What happens for Flory as a result of his role in the riot?

9. What is Mrs. Lackersteen's plan for Elizabeth?

10. What do Ellis and Westfield plan to do in response to Maxwell's murder?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

George Bernard Shaw said, "Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated." Consider the roles of hatred and cowardice in the novel. Then write an essay in which you identify Orwell's definition of either concept using textual examples as support.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the role of desperation in characters' decisions and actions in the novel. Write an essay in which you identify any character and his or her actions as desperate and discuss the consequences that face the character as a result.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the motif of heat in Orwell's novel. Write an essay in which you identify the author's message using the motif of heat to support your argument.

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