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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what do the doctor and Flory compare the British Empire?
(a) A sick patient
(b) A pack of dogs
(c) A pox on humanity
(d) A patient who will not pay his bill

2. During Flory's time in Burma, he has grown ___________________________.
(a) jaded and resentful of the English.
(b) tired of the Burmese.
(c) uncomfortable with his friendship with the doctor.
(d) homesick for England.

3. Finally, the doctor tells Flory about his fears regarding ________________________.
(a) U Po Kyin's plot against him.
(b) the English refusing him entrance to the Club.
(c) U Po Kyin's attempts to bribe him.
(d) Flory's health.

4. Why does Flory let the distraction remain?
(a) He wants Flo to have a companion.
(b) He does not have the nerve to shoot the dog.
(c) He is too drunk to aim properly at the dog.
(d) He feels he deserves the punishment.

5. The village girl that visits that morning claims ____________________________.
(a) that she has a newspaper article U Po Kyin will want to see.
(b) that she does not have enough bribe money.
(c) that U Po Kyin is the father of her child.
(d) that she is U Po Kyin's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Flory make to Elizabeth for Ma Hla May's presence?

2. Of all the indulgent freedoms allowed a pukka sahib, the one freedom denied them is ________________________.

3. Flory does not want to shave because _____________________________.

4. Flory's resolve to shoot the dog results in __________________________.

5. Fighting for the English was U Po Kyin's dream so that he could ______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. In what position does Flory find himself at the end of Chapter 19?

2. What happens for Flory as a result of his role in the riot?

3. What choice does Macgregor offer the Englishmen in regards to electing a native member of the Club?

4. Among the visitors to U Po Kyin's house, which of these does he agree to see, and why?

5. What do Ellis and Westfield plan to do in response to Maxwell's murder?

6. What is revealed about Flory's childhood in the chapter?

7. What do the two riderless ponies indicate about Verrall and Elizabeth?

8. Why does Lackersteen's wife distrust him?

9. In what position does Elizabeth find herself near the end of the novel?

10. How does Veraswami react to Flory's refusal to propose him as a member of the Club?

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