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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. U Po Kyin keeps up his reputation as an impartial magistrate by _______________________________.
(a) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling as he sees fit.
(b) accepting bribes only from Englishmen.
(c) accepting bribes only from those in whose favor he plans to rule.
(d) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling on behalf of both.

2. Although he takes no action, what does Flory know would be the decent thing to do about the letter?
(a) To give it to Ellis
(b) To ignore it
(c) To give it to Dr. Veraswami
(d) To bring it to Macgregor's attention

3. Why is Elizabeth upset about the pew?
(a) She is not allowed to sit in the front with the rest of the whites.
(b) She thinks the female natives are being exploited.
(c) She feels Flory might try to abandon her there.
(d) She has to sit among the natives and watch a suggestive dance.

4. Veraswami is slightly disappointed when _________________________________.
(a) Flory does not promise to propose him as a club member.
(b) Flory refuses to give money to Old Mattu.
(c) Flory leaves without saying hello to his wife.
(d) Flory refuses to help him fight U Po Kyin.

5. How does MacGregor start his day?
(a) He investigates any leftover business from the day before.
(b) He forces the other men to do calisthenics.
(c) He drinks gin while sitting in the tub.
(d) He does exercises at home then takes a brisk walk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What confrontation does Flory endure?

2. How does Flory start his day?

3. Why do the servants threaten to leave if Flory marries a European woman?

4. What does Flory realize when he is forced to return to Burma?

5. Who objects most strongly to Macgregor's notice about admitting non-whites to the Club?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Flory seem to resent Macgregor?

2. What is U Po Kyin's plan against Dr. Veraswami?

3. Among the visitors to U Po Kyin's house, which of these does he agree to see, and why?

4. What is revealed about Flory's childhood in the chapter?

5. How is Veraswami's veranda described?

6. Describe Elizabeth Lackersteen.

7. How has U Po Kyin risen to power?

8. What is Ellis' complaint against the natives?

9. Why does Flory remain silent while Ellis insults his friend?

10. What do Flory's early years in Burma indicate about his character?

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