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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the members of the Club suddenly allow the butler into their conversation?
(a) He has had many experiences with earthquakes, and they are interested in his stories.
(b) They are afraid of his size and demeanor.
(c) He is a respectable member of Burmese society.
(d) He insists on being the center of attention.

2. How does Lackersteen justify his drinking and philandering?
(a) He believes he is still respectable because he is loyal.
(b) He believes he is still respectable because he is white.
(c) He believes he has been given an unfair burden and needs an outlet.
(d) He believes he as the right to do as he pleases.

3. Though Flory and Elizabeth are often alone together, they are never able to _________________.
(a) avoid her aunt and uncle
(b) go hunting together
(c) talk intimately
(d) date

4. What does Mrs. Lackersteen plan to do at the end of Chapter 23?
(a) Invite Flory to dinner in order to let him down gently
(b) Invite Flory to dinner in order to court Elizabeth again
(c) Invite Macgregor to dinner in order to court Elizabeth
(d) Invite Verrall to dinner in order to question him about marriage

5. What does Flory do when he learns the truth about Elizabeth's affair with Verrall?
(a) Leaves immediately for England
(b) Leaves immediately for the camp
(c) Gets drunk and confronts Elizabeth
(d) Gets drunk and engages a Burmese prostitute

6. At the end of Chapter 22, what signals a change?
(a) The rain has finally stopped.
(b) The English have returned to their camps.
(c) The rain has finally started.
(d) The river has overflowed.

7. Killing the leopard has created what feeling between Flory and Elizabeth?
(a) Fear
(b) Intimacy
(c) Pity
(d) Disgust

8. Flory and Elizabeth's journey through the jungle is described as ______________________.
(a) a journey into their hearts.
(b) a relief from the heat of the day.
(c) a wonderland of beauty.
(d) an oppressive struggle.

9. At the end of the chapter, both Flory and Elizabeth expect that ____________________________.
(a) Elizabeth will pay Flory more respect in the future.
(b) Flory will enjoy one last night out with the boys that evening.
(c) Elizabeth will claim to have killed the tiger on her own.
(d) Flory will propose to Elizabeth that evening.

10. What is Elizabeth's first thought when she thinks of Flory?
(a) She remembers his courage first.
(b) She remembers his drinking first.
(c) She remembers his birthmark first.
(d) She remembers his kindness first.

11. What ugly image accompanies the description of the cemetery and graves?
(a) The white headstones and neatly trimmed graves.
(b) The gravestones of sixteen Europeans.
(c) The rat holes leading down into the graves.
(d) The creeping jasmine and orange-hearted flowers.

12. Veraswami's letter informs Flory that __________________________.
(a) U Po Kyin has apologized to him.
(b) U Po Kyin has given up his exploits.
(c) U Po Kyin continues in his exploits.
(d) U Po Kyin has denounced Flory openly.

13. At the end of the chapter, Flory begins to believe ______________________________.
(a) Ma Hla May has begun to lose her mind.
(b) Elizabeth may forgive him shortly.
(c) Ma Hla May's behavior is influenced by someone else.
(d) Elizabeth will marry Ellis or Westfield.

14. Elizabeth understands that Flory ________________________.
(a) wants her to admire the Burmese.
(b) does not find her attractive.
(c) wants her to return with him to England.
(d) has a Burmese wife.

15. How does Orwell describe the leopard?
(a) Purring
(b) Meowing
(c) Sobbing
(d) Hissing

Short Answer Questions

1. What ruins Flory's plan to deliver the leopard skin to Elizabeth?

2. How does Elizabeth feel when she kills a bird?

3. Flory's camp has run out of its opium supply because _________________________.

4. What does Verrall do during the funeral?

5. What do the locals carry ashore at the end of Chapter twenty-one?

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