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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 22, what signals a change?
(a) The rain has finally stopped.
(b) The rain has finally started.
(c) The river has overflowed.
(d) The English have returned to their camps.

2. What is one of the few subjects that Flory and Elizabeth both enjoy discussing together?
(a) Art
(b) Literature
(c) Burmese culture
(d) Shooting

3. Flory's camp has run out of its opium supply because _________________________.
(a) Dr. Veraswami has seized any illegal drug to save his reputation.
(b) U Po Kyin ordered a raid to seize the opium.
(c) Dr. Veraswami has refused aid to Flory.
(d) U Po Kyin has refused aid to Flory.

4. Although Verrall often offends people, ____________________________.
(a) he is not to blame for his ignorance of polite social behavior.
(b) he never suffers serious consequences.
(c) he often apologizes afterward.
(d) he always regrets his behavior.

5. What "sacrifice" does Mrs. Lackersteen make for Elizabeth?
(a) She agrees to stay behind with Elizabeth as Lackersteen returns to the jungle.
(b) She allows Elizabeth to choose for herself between Flory and Verrall.
(c) She offers to find Elizabeth a husband back in England.
(d) She gives Elizabeth money to make herself a more appealing catch.

6. Veraswami's letter informs Flory that __________________________.
(a) U Po Kyin continues in his exploits.
(b) U Po Kyin has apologized to him.
(c) U Po Kyin has given up his exploits.
(d) U Po Kyin has denounced Flory openly.

7. Elizabeth now believes she can describe Flory with her deadliest word: ________________.
(a) fascist.
(b) middle class.
(c) highbrow.
(d) socialist.

8. Why do the Burmese riot outside the Club?
(a) Ellis has murdered a local boy, and the Burmese want revenge.
(b) Ellis has attacked a group of local boys and the Burmese want revenge.
(c) Ellis has published an unflattering article of the Burmese.
(d) Ellis has murdered Maxwell, and the Burmese want justice.

9. Who greets Flory and Elizabeth when they go ashore?
(a) Ellis
(b) The Eurasians
(c) The village headman
(d) Ko S'la

10. The earthquake inspires what kind of feeling in the members of the Club after it is over?
(a) Exuberance
(b) Terror
(c) Timidity
(d) Bravado

11. Why do Mrs. Lackersteen and Elizabeth rush to the train station?
(a) They have heard that the trains are not running in the rain.
(b) They have heard that Lackersteen is returning from camp.
(c) They have heard that Verrall is leaving without saying goodbye.
(d) They have heard that Verrall is arriving from Mandalay.

12. As Elizabeth and Verrall dance outside, the moon is described as _________________________.
(a) a sick woman creeping out of bed.
(b) a silver orb.
(c) an envious goddess.
(d) a Japanese lantern.

13. What is the description of the mood of Chapter 17?
(a) Tender
(b) Joyous
(c) Frightening
(d) Tense

14. How does Elizabeth feel when she kills a bird?
(a) Guilty
(b) Overcome by happiness
(c) Angry at herself
(d) Dizzy with her own power over the men

15. Who are Francis and Samuel?
(a) Two Eurasian men Flory has befriended.
(b) Two English men from the Club.
(c) Flory's servants.
(d) Elizabeth's uncles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Elizabeth is most excited when she learns ____________________________.

2. Why are Elizabeth and Verrall indifferent to the heat?

3. Whose arrival alarms Mrs. Lackersteen and Elizabeth?

4. Though Flory and Elizabeth are often alone together, they are never able to _________________.

5. Why does Ko S'la tell Flory he should not attempt to play polo?

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