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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who greets Flory and Elizabeth when they go ashore?
(a) Ellis
(b) The village headman
(c) Ko S'la
(d) The Eurasians

2. Elizabeth's behavior at the headman's house could be described as ______________________.
(a) aloof and superior
(b) warm and inviting
(c) hostile and forbidding
(d) timid and conciliatory

3. How does Flory feel next to Verrall?
(a) Wise and experienced
(b) Old and shabby
(c) Young and vibrant
(d) Poor and ignorant

4. What does Flory mistakenly believe?
(a) That Elizabeth prefers the Club to the bazaar.
(b) That Elizabeth is afraid of the Burmese.
(c) That Elizabeth will enjoy the bazaar.
(d) That he should bring Elizabeth back to England.

5. How does Elizabeth thwarts Lackersteen's attempts at rape?
(a) Threatening to leave at once
(b) Threatening to tell the police
(c) Threatening to marray Flory
(d) Threatening to tell Mrs. Lackersteen

6. What does Elizabeth enjoy during the canoe trip to the shooting party?
(a) Shooting at birds
(b) Carrying on a conversation with the Burman canoe-man
(c) Watching the scenery go by
(d) Carrying the gun in her lap

7. Elizabeth now believes she can describe Flory with her deadliest word: ________________.
(a) middle class.
(b) socialist.
(c) highbrow.
(d) fascist.

8. Killing the leopard has created what feeling between Flory and Elizabeth?
(a) Pity
(b) Intimacy
(c) Disgust
(d) Fear

9. Who commits the murder?
(a) The relatives of Ma Hla May commit the murder.
(b) Maxwell commits the murder.
(c) U Po Kyin commits the murder as revenge.
(d) The relatives of the man Maxwell shot commit the murder.

10. What causes Mrs. Lackersteen to lecture Elizabeth on being "cheap?"
(a) Verrall has mentioned he plans to marry Elizabeth only if her family is wealthy.,
(b) Verrall has made no motions to marry Elizabeth even though they have had an affair.
(c) Verrall has given Elizabeth money on many occasions.
(d) Verrall has refused to give Elizabeth money when she has asked for it.

11. Why does Ko S'la tell Flory he should not attempt to play polo?
(a) He is not a good rider.
(b) He will look foolish in front of Elizabeth.
(c) He is too old.
(d) He does not know the rules of the game.

12. At the end of the chapter, both Flory and Elizabeth expect that ____________________________.
(a) Flory will enjoy one last night out with the boys that evening.
(b) Elizabeth will claim to have killed the tiger on her own.
(c) Flory will propose to Elizabeth that evening.
(d) Elizabeth will pay Flory more respect in the future.

13. Why do Mrs. Lackersteen and Elizabeth rush to the train station?
(a) They have heard that Verrall is arriving from Mandalay.
(b) They have heard that Lackersteen is returning from camp.
(c) They have heard that Verrall is leaving without saying goodbye.
(d) They have heard that the trains are not running in the rain.

14. What causes the Englishmen to feel envy for Verrall?
(a) Verrall has a spotless reputation with officers and creditors.
(b) Verrall is extremely wealthy.
(c) Verrall dances with Elizabeth at the Club.
(d) Verrall is destined for a happy marriage.

15. Flory's camp has run out of its opium supply because _________________________.
(a) U Po Kyin has refused aid to Flory.
(b) U Po Kyin ordered a raid to seize the opium.
(c) Dr. Veraswami has refused aid to Flory.
(d) Dr. Veraswami has seized any illegal drug to save his reputation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the members of the Club suddenly allow the butler into their conversation?

2. What does Mrs. Lackersteen plan to do at the end of Chapter 23?

3. What causes Verrall to speak to Elizabeth and Mrs. Lackersteen?

4. How does U Po Kyin stand to profit from the murder?

5. At the end of the chapter, Flory begins to believe ______________________________.

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