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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lackersteen almost reveal about Ma Hla May?
(a) That she is Burmese.
(b) That she refuses to do laundry.
(c) That she is jealous of Elizabeth.
(d) That she is Flory's mistress.

2. Flory's fear of a confrontation with Ellis is clear because _______________________.
(a) he cannot meet Ellis' eyes and his voice shakes when he speak.
(b) he leaves the room whenever Ellis enters.
(c) he cannot speak even when Ellis asks him a question.
(d) he agrees with everything Ellis says.

3. Who is the Subdivisional Magistrate of Kyauktada?
(a) Ma Kin
(b) U Po Kyin
(c) Ko Ba Sein
(d) Ba Taik

4. Where and when does the story take place?
(a) In England, April of 1925
(b) In Burma, April of 1825
(c) In England, April of 1825
(d) In Burma, April of 1925

5. Although he takes no action, what does Flory know would be the decent thing to do about the letter?
(a) To ignore it
(b) To give it to Ellis
(c) To bring it to Macgregor's attention
(d) To give it to Dr. Veraswami

6. Many of Flory's early years in Burma were spent ____________________________.
(a) saving money to send home to his parents.
(b) drinking and visiting whores.
(c) drinking and fighting with natives.
(d) working around the clock.

7. What words does Flory use to describe himself?
(a) Lord of all he surveys
(b) Local pariah
(c) Spineless cur
(d) Misunderstood genius

8. Ko S'la disapproves of Ma Hla May because _____________________________.
(a) He does not approve of a man keeping a mistress.
(b) He is jealous of her influence over Flory.
(c) He is insulted by her behavior toward him.
(d) He is jealous of Flory's success with women.

9. U Po Kyin is described as _______________.
(a) fat and sagging
(b) rotting from within, like old fruit
(c) fat, yet shapely and beautiful
(d) thin and gaunt

10. Who walks home with the Lackersteens at the end of the evening?
(a) Flory
(b) Ellis
(c) Macgregor
(d) Westfield

11. Who is Flo?
(a) Flory's wife
(b) Flory's cocker spaniel
(c) Flory's maid
(d) Flory's assistant

12. Finally, the doctor tells Flory about his fears regarding ________________________.
(a) U Po Kyin's attempts to bribe him.
(b) the English refusing him entrance to the Club.
(c) U Po Kyin's plot against him.
(d) Flory's health.

13. Flory finally leaves the Club because _____________________.
(a) his dog needs to go out.
(b) he needs to get home before the sun is too extreme.
(c) he is late for a date with his mistress.
(d) he cannot stand the racist talk any longer.

14. During Flory's time in Burma, he has grown ___________________________.
(a) homesick for England.
(b) tired of the Burmese.
(c) uncomfortable with his friendship with the doctor.
(d) jaded and resentful of the English.

15. What keeps Flory from falling asleep?
(a) Ma Hla May will not leave him alone.
(b) Birds are calling in the trees outside his house.
(c) A dog continues to yelp outside his house.
(d) A dog attacked Flo outside his house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies Elizabeth to her uncle's house?

2. Elizabeth's view of the world is mostly shaped by ____________________________.

3. What causes Elizabeth to leave Flory's house?

4. Who does Flory feel is the entity to blame for his dishonor and futility?

5. Why is Flory not allowed to return to England?

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