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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elizabeth's view of the world is mostly shaped by ____________________________.
(a) her family's immense fortunes.
(b) her father's time in the military.
(c) two terms she spent at an expensive boarding school.
(d) her time as an artist in Paris.

2. The only solution for Flory's ennui is to ________________________.
(a) hide from others.
(b) take a trip home.
(c) exercise until he sweats.
(d) get as drunk as possible.

3. Flory finally leaves the Club because _____________________.
(a) he is late for a date with his mistress.
(b) he cannot stand the racist talk any longer.
(c) he needs to get home before the sun is too extreme.
(d) his dog needs to go out.

4. The plot against Dr. Veraswami is to _____________________________.
(a) destroy his reputation and ruin him forever.
(b) have him arrested so that U Po Kyin could demand a bribe from him.
(c) destroy his medical practice to make room for another doctor.
(d) drive him away from the Club.

5. Of all the indulgent freedoms allowed a pukka sahib, the one freedom denied them is ________________________.
(a) freedom of religion.
(b) freedom to marry a native.
(c) freedom of choice.
(d) freedom of speech.

6. In the feud between U Po Kyin and Veraswami, most townspeople _____________________.
(a) believe U Po Kyin is lying.
(b) are behind U Po Kyin.
(c) trust Veraswami completely.
(d) try to give each a fair chance to speak his mind.

7. How does Westfield feel about pursuing petty criminals?
(a) He loathes it but does not resist the duty.
(b) He feels superior to the criminals and revels in his duty.
(c) He refuses to pursue anyone who is not a serious criminal.
(d) He detests it but his racism causes him to feel they are all guilty.

8. Why does Flory let the distraction remain?
(a) He is too drunk to aim properly at the dog.
(b) He feels he deserves the punishment.
(c) He wants Flo to have a companion.
(d) He does not have the nerve to shoot the dog.

9. What does Lackersteen almost reveal about Ma Hla May?
(a) That she is Flory's mistress.
(b) That she is jealous of Elizabeth.
(c) That she refuses to do laundry.
(d) That she is Burmese.

10. Flory does not want to shave because _____________________________.
(a) he wants a beard to grow in and hide his birthmark.
(b) he does not want to look in the mirror until he has had a few drinks.
(c) he is afraid of germs in the water.
(d) he is too hot to do anything physical.

11. Who wrote the article against Mr. Macgregor?
(a) Ba Sein, the head clerk of the Deputy Commissioner's Office
(b) Dr. Veraswami, the local Indian doctor
(c) Ba Taik, the servant.
(d) Hla Pe, the apprentice clerk

12. How is Flory received at Dr. Veraswami's house?
(a) Flory is welcomed and respected by Veraswami.
(b) Flory is welcomed, but only because he is beneficial to Veraswami's goals.
(c) Flory is treated as an intruder in Veraswami's personal life.
(d) Flory is resented but tolerated.

13. How does Flory start his day?
(a) He writes letters to his enemies.
(b) He writes a love letter to Elizabeth.
(c) He prepares his household for the day.
(d) He drinks gin while sitting in the tub.

14. What does Ma Kin encourage her husband to do?
(a) Destroy his enemies
(b) Buy more merit.
(c) Make more money
(d) Acquire more merit

15. Whose arrival confirms Veraswami's views about the Burmese?
(a) Ellis
(b) Flo
(c) Old Mattu, the beggar
(d) U Po Kyin, the magistrate

Short Answer Questions

1. Although he takes no action, what does Flory know would be the decent thing to do about the letter?

2. What gives Flory brief comfort at the end of the chapter?

3. What surprises Flory about Elizabeth?

4. How does Elizabeth appear to feel about the atmosphere of the Club?

5. U Po Kyin is described as _______________.

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