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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. U Po Kyin keeps up his reputation as an impartial magistrate by _______________________________.
(a) accepting bribes only from those in whose favor he plans to rule.
(b) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling as he sees fit.
(c) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling on behalf of both.
(d) accepting bribes only from Englishmen.

2. What does Flory's clerk bring him?
(a) A letter from England
(b) An anonymous letter telling him to avoid Ma Hla May
(c) An anonymous letter warning him about Veraswami
(d) A letter from Macgregor

3. How does Flory discover Lackersteen's niece, Elizabeth?
(a) She screams when she is frightened by Ko S'la.
(b) She faints from the heat on his doorstep.
(c) She runs to him for rescue from the natives.
(d) She screams when she is frightened by a water buffalo.

4. What distinguishes Kyauktada from other Burmese towns?
(a) It is hotter than other towns.
(b) It has a railway terminus.
(c) It has a social club.
(d) It is bigger than other towns.

5. Flory's attitude toward his mistress is ____________________________.
(a) a mixture of fear and excitement.
(b) a mixture of delight and anticipation.
(c) a mixture of love and respect.
(d) a mixture of tolerance and disgust.

6. Who walks home with the Lackersteens at the end of the evening?
(a) Flory
(b) Macgregor
(c) Ellis
(d) Westfield

7. What surprises Flory about Elizabeth?
(a) Her unwillingness to go to the pwe.
(b) Her admiration of Burma and its culture.
(c) Her confession that she has come to seek a husband.
(d) Her willingness to accompany him outside the Club.

8. Who objects to scandal among the men?
(a) Ellis
(b) Macgregor
(c) U Po Kyin
(d) Mrs. Lackersteen

9. Macgregor is the only Englishman who does not ____________________.
(a) like Ellis.
(b) drink before sunset.
(c) object to Lackersteen's drinking and carousing.
(d) want to admit non-whites to the Club.

10. How does Orwell describe the ugly periods in Flory's past?
(a) Unfortunate episodes
(b) Moral failings
(c) Formative periods
(d) Dark spells

11. How does Elizabeth appear to feel about the atmosphere of the Club?
(a) She is fearful of the attention of so many single men.
(b) She is reassured by the local customs.
(c) She is bored by the familiar customs.
(d) She is reassured by the white faces and European habits.

12. Ma Hla May is allowed to _____________________________.
(a) borrow Flory's money without asking.
(b) wear her sandals in the house.
(c) join Flory for all his meals.
(d) come in for tea but not for other meals.

13. Who wrote the article against Mr. Macgregor?
(a) Ba Taik, the servant.
(b) Hla Pe, the apprentice clerk
(c) Ba Sein, the head clerk of the Deputy Commissioner's Office
(d) Dr. Veraswami, the local Indian doctor

14. Ellis confronts Macgregor because _______________________.
(a) he does not want non-whites admitted to the Club.
(b) he is unhappy with the service at the Club.
(c) he wants Flory denounced publicly.
(d) he wants Macgregor to apologize for his notice.

15. Ma Hla May complains because _____________________________.
(a) Flory no longer buys her presents.
(b) Flory has demanded she has no other lovers.
(c) Flory lets Ko S'la treat her rudely.
(d) Flory has sent her back to her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does MacGregor start his day?

2. More than anything, Flory wishes for _________________________.

3. U Po Kyin is convinced he would return as a man in his next life because ________________________.

4. What nickname is Ellis given to Dr. Veraswami?

5. What keeps U Po Kyin from being exposed by those who complain against him?

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