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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24 and 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What excuse does Flory make to Elizabeth for Ma Hla May's presence?
(a) He says Ma Hla May is Ko S'la's wife.
(b) He says Ma Hla May is a boy.
(c) He says Ma Hla May is the jealous type.
(d) He says Ma Hla May is the laundress.

2. What does U Po Kyin believe will bring him merit at the end of the chapter?
(a) Taking in a local pregnant girl
(b) Dishonoring Dr. Veraswami
(c) Honoring his wife.
(d) Giving a basket of mangoes to the priests

3. What words does Flory use to describe himself?
(a) Local pariah
(b) Spineless cur
(c) Lord of all he surveys
(d) Misunderstood genius

4. Who objects most strongly to Macgregor's notice about admitting non-whites to the Club?
(a) Mr. Ellis
(b) Mr. Lackersteen
(c) Mr. Flory
(d) Mr. Chesterton

5. How does Elizabeth appear to feel about the atmosphere of the Club?
(a) She is reassured by the local customs.
(b) She is fearful of the attention of so many single men.
(c) She is bored by the familiar customs.
(d) She is reassured by the white faces and European habits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Flory does not want to shave because _____________________________.

2. How does Elizabeth feel when she kills a bird?

3. What causes Mrs. Lackersteen to lecture Elizabeth on being "cheap?"

4. As Elizabeth and Verrall dance outside, the moon is described as _________________________.

5. What does Flory do when he learns the truth about Elizabeth's affair with Verrall?

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