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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, 20, and 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Though Flory and Elizabeth are often alone together, they are never able to _________________.
(a) date
(b) talk intimately
(c) go hunting together
(d) avoid her aunt and uncle

2. What does Ma Kin tell her husband about happiness?
(a) Happiness escapes those who do evil.
(b) Happiness is not in power.
(c) Happiness comes from the heart.
(d) Happiness is not in money.

3. How does Orwell describe the ugly periods in Flory's past?
(a) Formative periods
(b) Dark spells
(c) Unfortunate episodes
(d) Moral failings

4. What words does Flory use to describe himself?
(a) Spineless cur
(b) Misunderstood genius
(c) Local pariah
(d) Lord of all he surveys

5. Flory's greatest misery is ______________________.
(a) feeling racist.
(b) being European among Burmese.
(c) never experiencing beauty.
(d) being alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps U Po Kyin from being exposed by those who complain against him?

2. Mrs. Lackersteen believes the natives are _________________________.

3. Why do the servants threaten to leave if Flory marries a European woman?

4. What is Elizabeth's reason for snubbing Flory?

5. The two things Flory becomes as a result of his harassed childhood are _________________________.

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