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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, 20, and 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ko S'la disapproves of Ma Hla May because _____________________________.
(a) He is jealous of her influence over Flory.
(b) He is insulted by her behavior toward him.
(c) He is jealous of Flory's success with women.
(d) He does not approve of a man keeping a mistress.

2. Mrs. Lackersteen complains about the quality of ______________.
(a) her drink
(b) her servants
(c) her wardrobe
(d) her husband's job

3. As Elizabeth and Verrall dance outside, the moon is described as _________________________.
(a) a sick woman creeping out of bed.
(b) a silver orb.
(c) a Japanese lantern.
(d) an envious goddess.

4. What causes the Englishmen to feel envy for Verrall?
(a) Verrall is destined for a happy marriage.
(b) Verrall has a spotless reputation with officers and creditors.
(c) Verrall dances with Elizabeth at the Club.
(d) Verrall is extremely wealthy.

5. Who accompanies Elizabeth to her uncle's house?
(a) Flory himself
(b) Flory's servant, Ko S'la
(c) Dr. Veraswami
(d) Flory's mistress, Ma Hla May

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Flory received at Dr. Veraswami's house?

2. Although Verrall often offends people, ____________________________.

3. Veraswami sees the English as ______________________.

4. What is Elizabeth's reason for snubbing Flory?

5. Flory and Elizabeth's journey through the jungle is described as ______________________.

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