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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, 20, and 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Flory is convinced he is ______________________.
(a) destined to remain a bachelor.
(b) in love with Mrs. Lackersteen.
(c) in love with Elizabeth.
(d) in love with Ma Hla May.

2. How does Elizabeth appear to feel about the atmosphere of the Club?
(a) She is reassured by the local customs.
(b) She is fearful of the attention of so many single men.
(c) She is reassured by the white faces and European habits.
(d) She is bored by the familiar customs.

3. What is U Po Kyin unable to do without help?
(a) Acquire merit
(b) Rise from a chair
(c) Prepare his own food
(d) Decide court cases

4. Flory finally leaves the Club because _____________________.
(a) his dog needs to go out.
(b) he is late for a date with his mistress.
(c) he cannot stand the racist talk any longer.
(d) he needs to get home before the sun is too extreme.

5. What does Elizabeth's do after her mother dies?
(a) She immediately takes a cruise looking for a husband.
(b) She immediately sets sail for Burma at her uncle's invitation.
(c) She mourns extensively.
(d) She decides that she wants to live the life of an artist.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Flory's time in Burma, he has grown ___________________________.

2. How has Flory's attitude toward nature changed?

3. Killing the leopard has created what feeling between Flory and Elizabeth?

4. What gives Flory brief comfort at the end of the chapter?

5. Why are Elizabeth and Verrall indifferent to the heat?

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