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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, 20, and 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orwell states that in India you are not judged for what you do but ___________________.
(a) for what you are.
(b) for what you own.
(c) for your past.
(d) for who you know.

2. What is Flory's excuse for evading the war in England?
(a) He was "sticking by his job."
(b) He was "choosing peace."
(c) He was refusing to become a man.
(d) He was "fighting his own battles."

3. What does Ma Kin tell her husband about happiness?
(a) Happiness comes from the heart.
(b) Happiness is not in power.
(c) Happiness is not in money.
(d) Happiness escapes those who do evil.

4. Why does Ko S'la tell Flory he should not attempt to play polo?
(a) He does not know the rules of the game.
(b) He is too old.
(c) He will look foolish in front of Elizabeth.
(d) He is not a good rider.

5. Who does Flory feel is the entity to blame for his dishonor and futility?
(a) Himself
(b) Veraswami
(c) The English
(d) The Burmese Natives

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Lackersteen believes the natives are _________________________.

2. Flory feels Elizabeth may be a kindred spirit because ____________________________.

3. Why does Flory let the distraction remain?

4. Why does Flory not recognize Elizabeth's discomfort at the bazaar?

5. Why are Elizabeth and Verrall indifferent to the heat?

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