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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7, 8, and 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. U Po Kyin's meal is described as ______________________.
(a) short, light and fresh.
(b) joyous, lengthy and celebratory.
(c) swift, passionate and enormous.
(d) sparse, lonely and bland.

2. How does Elizabeth appear to feel about the atmosphere of the Club?
(a) She is reassured by the local customs.
(b) She is fearful of the attention of so many single men.
(c) She is reassured by the white faces and European habits.
(d) She is bored by the familiar customs.

3. Flory's resolve to shoot the dog results in __________________________.
(a) his resolve to stand up for Veraswami.
(b) his ability to see events more clearly.
(c) a wasted effort, ultimately ineffective.
(d) a solution to his problems.

4. U Po Kyin keeps up his reputation as an impartial magistrate by _______________________________.
(a) accepting bribes only from those in whose favor he plans to rule.
(b) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling on behalf of both.
(c) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling as he sees fit.
(d) accepting bribes only from Englishmen.

5. Many of Flory's early years in Burma were spent ____________________________.
(a) working around the clock.
(b) saving money to send home to his parents.
(c) drinking and visiting whores.
(d) drinking and fighting with natives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who walks home with the Lackersteens at the end of the evening?

2. Mrs. Lackersteen believes the natives are _________________________.

3. Flory's attitude toward his mistress is ____________________________.

4. What is U Po Kyin unable to do without help?

5. Ma Hla May complains because _____________________________.

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