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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ma Kin encourage her husband to do?
(a) Buy more merit.
(b) Make more money
(c) Acquire more merit
(d) Destroy his enemies

2. What excuse does Flory make to Elizabeth for Ma Hla May's presence?
(a) He says Ma Hla May is the jealous type.
(b) He says Ma Hla May is the laundress.
(c) He says Ma Hla May is a boy.
(d) He says Ma Hla May is Ko S'la's wife.

3. U Po Kyin is convinced he would return as a man in his next life because ________________________.
(a) an animal is beyond his status level.
(b) a woman is beyond his status level.
(c) an animal is beneath contempt.
(d) a woman is considered the same as a rat or frog.

4. How does Orwell describe the ugly periods in Flory's past?
(a) Formative periods
(b) Dark spells
(c) Unfortunate episodes
(d) Moral failings

5. After the argument, the men occupy their time by ______________________.
(a) reading up on world events
(b) discussing the European women in town
(c) arguing about sports
(d) trading jokes

Short Answer Questions

1. Macgregor is most offended by ____________________.

2. Flory signed the notice because ____________________________.

3. Many of Flory's early years in Burma were spent ____________________________.

4. How do most of Flory's experiences portray him?

5. The plot against Dr. Veraswami is to _____________________________.

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