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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 3 and 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distinguishing mark does John Flory have on his body?
(a) A mole on his face
(b) A birthmark on his face
(c) A birthmark on his hand
(d) A scar on his face

2. Flory and Ko S'la attend to Flo because _________________________.
(a) she is wet from swimming in the river.
(b) she picks up numerous ticks during the day.
(c) she is sick from eating table scraps.
(d) she is tired from the walk in the forest.

3. U Po Kyin keeps up his reputation as an impartial magistrate by _______________________________.
(a) accepting bribes only from those in whose favor he plans to rule.
(b) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling on behalf of both.
(c) accepting bribes from both sides, then ruling as he sees fit.
(d) accepting bribes only from Englishmen.

4. Mrs. Lackersteen complains about the quality of ______________.
(a) her drink
(b) her husband's job
(c) her wardrobe
(d) her servants

5. What aspect of the setting is repeatedly mentioned in Chapter 2?
(a) The muddy roads
(b) The monsoon season
(c) The oppressive heat
(d) The wind and cold

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote the article against Mr. Macgregor?

2. What distinguishes Kyauktada from other Burmese towns?

3. Ba Sein arrives to discuss ________________________________.

4. What does Ma Kin tell her husband about happiness?

5. Mrs. Lackersteen believes the natives are _________________________.

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