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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Flo?
(a) Flory's wife
(b) Flory's assistant
(c) Flory's cocker spaniel
(d) Flory's maid

2. Flory finally leaves the Club because _____________________.
(a) he needs to get home before the sun is too extreme.
(b) his dog needs to go out.
(c) he cannot stand the racist talk any longer.
(d) he is late for a date with his mistress.

3. Ba Sein arrives to discuss ________________________________.
(a) plots against U Po Kyin and Ba Taik.
(b) court cases against Mr. Macgregor and Mr. Flory.
(c) court cases against Ma Kin and Dr. Versaswami.
(d) plots against Mr. Macgregor and Dr. Veraswami.

4. U Po Kyin's meal is described as ______________________.
(a) sparse, lonely and bland.
(b) swift, passionate and enormous.
(c) short, light and fresh.
(d) joyous, lengthy and celebratory.

5. What does Ma Kin tell her husband about happiness?
(a) Happiness is not in money.
(b) Happiness comes from the heart.
(c) Happiness escapes those who do evil.
(d) Happiness is not in power.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Lackersteen believes the natives are _________________________.

2. After the argument, the men occupy their time by ______________________.

3. What game do the Englishmen play In the evening?

4. Mrs. Lackersteen complains about the quality of ______________.

5. Macgregor is the only Englishman who does not ____________________.

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