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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, 20, and 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ba Taik is ___________
(a) U Po Kyin's son.
(b) U Po Kyin's wife.
(c) U Po Kyin's unpaid servant.
(d) U Po Kyin's deputy.

2. What surprises Flory about Elizabeth?
(a) Her admiration of Burma and its culture.
(b) Her unwillingness to go to the pwe.
(c) Her confession that she has come to seek a husband.
(d) Her willingness to accompany him outside the Club.

3. Why does Flory not get to propose to Elizabeth?
(a) Flory loses his nerve because of his birthmark.
(b) Elizabeth refuses to hear his offer.
(c) Lackersteen finds them kissing outside and objects.
(d) He is interrupted twice.

4. How has Flory's attitude toward nature changed?
(a) He is provoked and emboldened by the beauty of nature.
(b) He is unaware of the beauty of nature because his work has distracted him.
(c) He is indifferent to the beauty of nature because he is mourning the loss of Elizabeth.
(d) He is more aware of the beauty of nature because he is in love.

5. How do most of Flory's experiences portray him?
(a) Cruel and aggressive
(b) Awkward and timid
(c) Cowardly and dishonorable
(d) Ungrateful and confrontational

Short Answer Questions

1. What "sacrifice" does Mrs. Lackersteen make for Elizabeth?

2. Who accompanies Elizabeth to her uncle's house?

3. What does U Po Kyin's plan finally cause Ma Kin to feel?

4. What gives Flory brief comfort at the end of the chapter?

5. Macgregor is the only Englishman who does not ____________________.

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