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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, 20, and 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ma Kin encourage her husband to do?
(a) Acquire more merit
(b) Destroy his enemies
(c) Buy more merit.
(d) Make more money

2. What is Elizabeth's reason for snubbing Flory?
(a) He is not an experienced hunter.
(b) He is keeping a Burmese woman.
(c) He is unattractive.
(d) He is not an experienced horseback rider.

3. The earthquake inspires what kind of feeling in the members of the Club after it is over?
(a) Timidity
(b) Terror
(c) Exuberance
(d) Bravado

4. More than anything, Flory wishes for _________________________.
(a) someone who will overlook his birthmark.
(b) someone to force him to stand up for himself.
(c) someone to fight Ellis.
(d) someone with whom he can share his life.

5. The Club is ______________________.
(a) a golf course outside of town.
(b) a four-room wooden building.
(c) a pillared building in the center of town.
(d) a grand estate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who objects most strongly to Macgregor's notice about admitting non-whites to the Club?

2. What does Ma Kin tell her husband about happiness?

3. What "sacrifice" does Mrs. Lackersteen make for Elizabeth?

4. Flory landed in Burma because ________________________________.

5. Why is Flory ashamed of himself?

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