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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What words does Flory use to describe himself?
(a) Local pariah
(b) Lord of all he surveys
(c) Misunderstood genius
(d) Spineless cur

2. Macgregor is the only Englishman who does not ____________________.
(a) object to Lackersteen's drinking and carousing.
(b) drink before sunset.
(c) want to admit non-whites to the Club.
(d) like Ellis.

3. During Flory's time in Burma, he has grown ___________________________.
(a) homesick for England.
(b) jaded and resentful of the English.
(c) uncomfortable with his friendship with the doctor.
(d) tired of the Burmese.

4. Flory and Ko S'la attend to Flo because _________________________.
(a) she is sick from eating table scraps.
(b) she picks up numerous ticks during the day.
(c) she is tired from the walk in the forest.
(d) she is wet from swimming in the river.

5. Orwell claims that the notion of men at the 'outposts of Empire' as able and hardworking is ___________.
(a) irrefutable
(b) undeniable
(c) sad
(d) delusional

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ma Kin encourage her husband to do?

2. What does Veraswami do when Flory denounces the English?

3. What keeps Flory from falling asleep?

4. To what do the doctor and Flory compare the British Empire?

5. Ko S'la disapproves of Ma Hla May because _____________________________.

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