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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elizabeth admires Flory when she _____________________.
(a) talks to him about art and literature.
(b) sees how he can shoot.
(c) watches him mix with the Burmese people.
(d) pretends he does not have a birthmark.

2. Flory's fear of a confrontation with Ellis is clear because _______________________.
(a) he leaves the room whenever Ellis enters.
(b) he agrees with everything Ellis says.
(c) he cannot speak even when Ellis asks him a question.
(d) he cannot meet Ellis' eyes and his voice shakes when he speak.

3. Flory reveals what attitude toward Macgregor?
(a) He acts as though Macgregor does not exist.
(b) He acts respectfully toward Macgregor because he looks up to him.
(c) He acts contemptuously toward Macgregor.
(d) He acts respectfully toward Macgregor but feels contempt for him.

4. Elizabeth is most excited when she learns ____________________________.
(a) she may be able to hunt a leopard.
(b) Flory plans to propose to her at the Club later.
(c) she may be able to hunt a dog.
(d) Flory wants her to return to the headman's house.

5. What surprises Flory about Elizabeth?
(a) Her admiration of Burma and its culture.
(b) Her confession that she has come to seek a husband.
(c) Her willingness to accompany him outside the Club.
(d) Her unwillingness to go to the pwe.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Westfield feel about pursuing petty criminals?

2. Ma Hla May is allowed to _____________________________.

3. Why is Elizabeth upset about the pew?

4. What gives Flory brief comfort at the end of the chapter?

5. Flory feels Elizabeth may be a kindred spirit because ____________________________.

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