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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who objects most strongly to Macgregor's notice about admitting non-whites to the Club?
(a) Mr. Lackersteen
(b) Mr. Chesterton
(c) Mr. Ellis
(d) Mr. Flory

2. Flory and Elizabeth have an intimate moment _____________________________.
(a) right before Flory kills the tiger.
(b) right after she kills a jungle cock.
(c) right after they leave the headman's house.
(d) right after she misses her first shot.

3. Flory's greatest misery is ______________________.
(a) being alone.
(b) feeling racist.
(c) never experiencing beauty.
(d) being European among Burmese.

4. What causes Elizabeth to leave Flory's house?
(a) She and Flory find the servants watching them talk.
(b) She notices Flory's birthmark and is repulsed by it.
(c) She realizes Flory is sympathetic to the natives.
(d) She realizes her uncle does not like Flory.

5. Who accompanies Elizabeth to her uncle's house?
(a) Dr. Veraswami
(b) Flory's servant, Ko S'la
(c) Flory himself
(d) Flory's mistress, Ma Hla May

Short Answer Questions

1. Flory and Ko S'la attend to Flo because _________________________.

2. Mrs. Lackersteen complains about the quality of ______________.

3. What nickname is Ellis given to Dr. Veraswami?

4. Who objects to scandal among the men?

5. Flory feels Elizabeth may be a kindred spirit because ____________________________.

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