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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distinguishing mark does John Flory have on his body?
(a) A mole on his face
(b) A scar on his face
(c) A birthmark on his face
(d) A birthmark on his hand

2. Ma Hla May is allowed to _____________________________.
(a) borrow Flory's money without asking.
(b) come in for tea but not for other meals.
(c) wear her sandals in the house.
(d) join Flory for all his meals.

3. Who walks home with the Lackersteens at the end of the evening?
(a) Ellis
(b) Westfield
(c) Flory
(d) Macgregor

4. How does Flory discover Lackersteen's niece, Elizabeth?
(a) She screams when she is frightened by Ko S'la.
(b) She runs to him for rescue from the natives.
(c) She faints from the heat on his doorstep.
(d) She screams when she is frightened by a water buffalo.

5. Why is Elizabeth upset about the pew?
(a) She is not allowed to sit in the front with the rest of the whites.
(b) She thinks the female natives are being exploited.
(c) She has to sit among the natives and watch a suggestive dance.
(d) She feels Flory might try to abandon her there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Flory does not want to shave because _____________________________.

2. What does Flory's clerk bring him?

3. What does Mrs. Lackersteen imply to Elizabeth?

4. Flory's fear of a confrontation with Ellis is clear because _______________________.

5. What distinguishes Kyauktada from other Burmese towns?

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