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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orwell claims that the notion of men at the 'outposts of Empire' as able and hardworking is ___________.
(a) irrefutable
(b) sad
(c) undeniable
(d) delusional

2. Flory's camp has run out of its opium supply because _________________________.
(a) Dr. Veraswami has refused aid to Flory.
(b) U Po Kyin has refused aid to Flory.
(c) Dr. Veraswami has seized any illegal drug to save his reputation.
(d) U Po Kyin ordered a raid to seize the opium.

3. Flory's resolve to shoot the dog results in __________________________.
(a) his resolve to stand up for Veraswami.
(b) a wasted effort, ultimately ineffective.
(c) his ability to see events more clearly.
(d) a solution to his problems.

4. Flory signed the notice because ____________________________.
(a) He does not want natives admitted to the club.
(b) He agrees with Ellis after all.
(c) He feels Veraswami should be punished.
(d) He does not have the courage to refuse.

5. What keeps Flory from falling asleep?
(a) A dog attacked Flo outside his house.
(b) Ma Hla May will not leave him alone.
(c) Birds are calling in the trees outside his house.
(d) A dog continues to yelp outside his house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Flory's conviction to stand by Veraswami cause him to feel?

2. Flory visits Veraswami in order to _______________________________.

3. How does Orwell describe the ugly periods in Flory's past?

4. What does U Po Kyin's plan finally cause Ma Kin to feel?

5. What "sacrifice" does Mrs. Lackersteen make for Elizabeth?

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