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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Flory not allowed to return to England?
(a) His firm needs him back in Rangoon.
(b) His firm will fire him if he leaves the country.
(c) His family has disowned him.
(d) His ship sinks before it reaches Burma.

2. What does Flory mistakenly believe?
(a) That Elizabeth will enjoy the bazaar.
(b) That he should bring Elizabeth back to England.
(c) That Elizabeth prefers the Club to the bazaar.
(d) That Elizabeth is afraid of the Burmese.

3. What causes Verrall to speak to Elizabeth and Mrs. Lackersteen?
(a) They approach him and he cannot escape them.
(b) Mrs. Lackersteen invites him to dinner.
(c) They approach him and he is delighted to speak to them.
(d) He notices Elizabeth's beauty from a distance.

4. Why is Ellis upset that Verrall has abused the butler?
(a) Ellis wants Verrall to approve of everyone in the Club.
(b) Ellis believes Verrall is part Burman, and therefore should not be admitted to the Club.
(c) Ellis believes Verrall has no right to abuse the Club's butler as he is not a member.
(d) Ellis feels protective of the butler.

5. Flory visits Veraswami in order to _______________________________.
(a) inform him they are no longer friends.
(b) apologize for signing the notice against him.
(c) accuse him of the crimes mentioned in U Po Kyin's letters.
(d) apologize for neglecting to introduce him to Elizabeth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Orwell claims that the notion of men at the 'outposts of Empire' as able and hardworking is ___________.

2. What is Flory's excuse for evading the war in England?

3. Why does Flory let the distraction remain?

4. Flory landed in Burma because ________________________________.

5. Many of Flory's early years in Burma were spent ____________________________.

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