Daily Lessons for Teaching Burmese Days

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Students will explore the author's use of characterization in the chapter, particularly considering U Po Kyin and Ma Kin's backgrounds, appearance, actions, etc .


1) As a whole group, students will list characters introduced in the chapter. Brainstorming aloud, students will identify traits of each character, then discuss how each trait is revealed by the author, and what it might suggest about a character's significance to the text.

2) In small groups, students will discuss any character introduced in the chapter. Groups will examine the author's use of characterization in order to present the character and traits to the rest of the class.

3) For discussion: What characters stand out immediately in the text? Why? What do we know about them? How has the author revealed his information? What traits, beyond those explicitly stated, can we infer from the text? What significance can we attach to each character due...

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