Burmese Days Character Descriptions

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U Po Kyin

This character, enormously fat, is a Subdivisional Magistrate of Kyauktada in Burma, and is a cunning, dishonest, and avaricious man who cares nothing for others.

John Flory

About thirty-five-years old, this character has a grotesque and large birthmark which covers most of the left half of his face. He has a deep respect for Burmese culture, speaks the language, and enjoys the company of non-white friends.

R. Westfield

The District Superintendent of Police, Westfield is sandy haired, has a prickly moustache, and appears to intend most of his own statements as jokes. He is outspoken in his racist views.

Dan Lackersteen

A local manager of an English timber firm, this character is florid and about forty-years-old. Alhough married, his only concern in life is trying to have a good time, drinking and carousing with younger women.

Mrs. Lackersteen

This character is a fairly attractive English...

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