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Peter Barry
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Short Answer Questions

1. From which of Babara Johnson's literary pieces can the following definition of deconstructive reading be found according to author Peter Barry: "Deconstruction is not synonymous with 'destruction.' It is in fact much closer to the original meaning of the word 'analysis,' which etymologically means 'to undo'"?

2. What term suggests a range of negative attributes, such as "non-Marxist" and "non-feminist," and "non-theoretical"?

3. Which of the following best fits the definition of a discipline which has always been inherently confident about the possibility of establishing objective knowledge?

4. Sigmund Freud connects infantile sexuality to the ________, in which the male infant conceives the desire to eliminate the father and become the sexual partner of the mother.

5. David Lodge, Professor of English at Birmingham, combined the ideas of structuralism with more traditional approaches in which one of his books?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Jean Baudrillard? How was he associated with "the loss of the real"?

2. What does the formula SQ3R mean? Explain.

3. What is structuralism? Where and when did it begin?

4. Briefly summarize author Peter Barry's own introduction to literary theory as seen in "My own stock-taking" found within the "Introduction."

5. Explain F.D. Maurice's opinions of literature as detailed in the chapter "Theory Before Theory--Liberal Humanism."

6. How does Disneyland fit into the concept of hyperreality according to Baurdrillard?

7. Briefly explain what post-structuralist critics do.

8. Explain the Oedipus complex of Sigmund Freud.

9. Explain what author Peter Barry means when he says the frame of mind he would recommend his readers is threefold.

10. In which way is post-structuralism more fundamental than structuralism?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Identify, list, and describe the specific functions ecocritics perform in their analysis of literary text.

Essay Topic 2

In an argumentative essay, state whether you believe stylistics is a theory or a practice.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how women are represented by both men and women in a piece of literature that you have read in the past. Explain how this representation of women would be viewed by feminist critics.

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