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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Will give Adrian about Linda?
(a) To keep trying to get her to come out.
(b) To give her until the end of the week to come to accept her new place.
(c) To knock the door down and make her come out.
(d) To give her her space and let her see that she does have choices.

2. What was Linda's plan to escape her old life?
(a) She would run away.
(b) She would get a scholarship to a good college.
(c) She would become a writer.
(d) She would start taking drugs to escape reality.

3. What does Linda want to do this winter?
(a) She wants to go home.
(b) She wants to stay inside where it is warm.
(c) She wants to go to college.
(d) She wants to go outside to see the snow.

4. How does Linda feel about her life so far?
(a) She feels like her life has been a lie.
(b) She feels like her life had no meaning.
(c) She feels that her life has been great up until now.
(d) She feels that she has always been in jail.

5. What does the mirror show Linda?
(a) Her father is dead.
(b) Her father in a drug induced stupor.
(c) Her mother has come back.
(d) Her father in rehab.

6. In the prequel to Part 6, who is the only member of the chat room who does not seem to be doing better?
(a) SilentMade.
(b) Froggie.
(c) BeastNYC.
(d) Grizzlyguy.

7. Why does Adrian want to get a head start on their tutoring session?
(a) He wants to skip ahead.
(b) He wants to impress Linda.
(c) He has other plans for their scheduled class time.
(d) He is having trouble keeping up with the pace of the lesson.

8. What is the mugger's plan for Linda?
(a) To rob her and leave her in the building.
(b) To force himself on her if she has no money.
(c) To kill her if she has no money.
(d) To return her to her father.

9. Where do they go for the winter?
(a) The Alps.
(b) To the city.
(c) To the south where it is warmer.
(d) Kyle's father's cabin in the country.

10. How does Linda feel about her time with Adrian?
(a) She has been sad.
(b) She has been kept against her will.
(c) She has been bored.
(d) She has been happy.

11. What do Linda and Adrian do after the thunder wakes them up?
(a) They go back to sleep.
(b) They watch TV and talk.
(c) They go outside to watch the rain.
(d) They make out.

12. What does Linda say to Adrian when he leaves her in her bed?
(a) She tells him good night.
(b) She tells him his voice sounds familiar.
(c) She tells him to stay.
(d) She tells him she loves him.

13. Why does Adrian accept Linda in return for her father's life?
(a) He knows that Linda is in love with him.
(b) He would rather eat the tender young girl than her drug addict father.
(c) He is already rich and doesn't do drugs, so he has no need of the other options.
(d) He hopes it will help her and break his curse.

14. What does Trey call Kyle at Gin Elliot's party?
(a) An ass.
(b) A liar.
(c) A putz.
(d) A pretty boy.

15. What is Sloane doing at the party?
(a) Waiting for Kyle.
(b) Making out with Trey.
(c) Crying.
(d) Making out with an older boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Linda react to Adrian's appearance when she does come out?

2. How does Will feel about Linda's father when they arrive?

3. Who is Pilot?

4. How does Linda feel about her time with Adrian?

5. What does Linda's father not offer Kyle in return for his life?

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