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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kyle spend so much time with the roses?
(a) He really likes flowers.
(b) He pretty much lives only for the roses now.
(c) He has to keep up the roses or the curse will kill him.
(d) He likes to eat rose petals.

2. Who breaks into Kyle's greenhouse, destroying the roses?
(a) Kyle's father.
(b) Linda's drug addict father.
(c) The police.
(d) A homeless man.

3. How does Kendra feel about Adrian's plan?
(a) She thinks it will work.
(b) She is angry about it.
(c) She thinks it is crazy.
(d) She likes it.

4. A year after he is cursed, how does Kyle/Adrian feel about it?
(a) He no longer cares.
(b) He has given up on love.
(c) He has accepted it.
(d) He enjoys it now.

5. What does Linda say to Adrian when he leaves her in her bed?
(a) She tells him his voice sounds familiar.
(b) She tells him to stay.
(c) She tells him good night.
(d) She tells him she loves him.

6. What storybook character does Kyle begin to feel a special bond to?
(a) Peter Pan.
(b) Quasimodo.
(c) Beast.
(d) Captain Hook.

7. What was Linda's plan to escape her old life?
(a) She would run away.
(b) She would become a writer.
(c) She would start taking drugs to escape reality.
(d) She would get a scholarship to a good college.

8. What does Adrian tell Linda when she asks how he became a beast?
(a) He tells her about Kendra and the curse.
(b) He tells her it is because he gave her a rose.
(c) He says that he was always this way.
(d) He tells her to mind her own business.

9. How does Will feel about Adrian's plan?
(a) He thinks it's a great idea.
(b) He isn't sure it will work, but agrees anyway.
(c) He is angry about it.
(d) He thinks it's dumb.

10. What book does Will suggest that Kyle read?
(a) Wicked Lovely.
(b) Vampire Academy.
(c) Beauty and the Beast.
(d) The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

11. What happens to Grizzlyguy in the prelude to Part 5?
(a) He has been shot.
(b) He has broken his curse.
(c) He has moved in with two girls.
(d) He has accidentally killed someone.

12. How does Magda feel about Adrian's dedication to the rose garden?
(a) She is sad that he is not spending more time with her.
(b) She is worried that he is giving up on himself too early.
(c) She is jealous that he is a better gardener than she is.
(d) She is glad that he has something to keep him busy.

13. What do Adrian and Linda find on the fifth floor?
(a) An observatory.
(b) Some belongings of an actress who once lived there.
(c) Not much of anything.
(d) All of Adrian's stuff from when he was Kyle.

14. What would make Linda happy enough to stay forever?
(a) Being allowed to come and go as she pleases.
(b) Marrying Adrian.
(c) Adrian changing back into a human.
(d) Seeing her father happy.

15. Why does Adrian want to get a head start on their tutoring session?
(a) He wants to impress Linda.
(b) He has other plans for their scheduled class time.
(c) He is having trouble keeping up with the pace of the lesson.
(d) He wants to skip ahead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Adrian see when he calls to Linda in the mirror?

2. What does Linda do after Adrian is shot?

3. How does Linda feel about her time with Adrian?

4. What do they discuss during tutoring on Linda's first day?

5. What does Adrian do with the green dress when Linda takes it off?

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