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This high class private school is full of Cliques.

The White Rose

This becomes the symbol of seeing beauty in simplicity.

The Plaza

This is where the homecoming dance is to be held.

Times Square

Here, the cursed one remembers seeing his father as a god.

The Hand Mirror

This allows the cursed one to see that which he otherwise could not see.

The Rose Garden

This is where the cursed one can go to be outside, and eventually becomes the center of his life.

The Subway

The cursed one is treated as a homeless guy here, making him feel free to roam the city as he wants.

The Sled

This old gift gives the cursed one sad memories, but with it he makes new, happy memories.

Ida's Green Dress

With this, Lindy tries for the first time to impress the cursed one. It works. He falls...

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