Beastly Movie Tie-in Edition Character Descriptions

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Kyle Kingsbury - This high school freshman is vain and egotistical, and is used to being liked for his looks and money.

Kendra Hilferty - This overweight, Goth witch casts a spell on the would be homecoming king.

Magda - This Spanish housekeeper lives and works in the U.S., but has a husband, children, and grandchildren in her home country.

Linda Owens - This impoverished student attends Tuttle on a scholarship, and has a drug addict for a father.

Adrian King - This character is the pseudonym for the cursed one.

Mr. Chris Anderson - This chat room moderator tries to help those who have been cursed.

SilentMaid - This lovestruck mermaid is willing to sacrifice power and immortality in order to be with a mortal.

Dr. Endecott - This compassionate doctor suggests that the cursed boy consider therapy to adjust to his new looks.


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