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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Smart Women/Foolish Choices and Women Men Love/Women Men Leave are written by which of the following two authors?
(a) Kinder Connell and Melvin Cowan.
(b) Melvin Cowan and Connell Kinder.
(c) Melvin Kinder and Connell Cowan.
(d) Kinder Melvin and Cowan Connell.

2. In 1988, at every level, writes Faludi, women candidates above the state legislature are at record low numbers and those who run generally lose. What does Faludi blame for this trend?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) The anti-activist agenda pushed by Charlene Heatherly.
(c) The hard-nosed tactics used by the press against any woman candidate.
(d) The "public drubbing" of Geraldine Ferraro.

3. Which of the following occur in the case of Angela Carder ("A.C"), age twenty-eight, a bone cancer victim who conceives in 1984 while in remission?
(a) No answers are correct.
(b) Her long-time oncologist recommends aggressive treatment, but doctors and lawyers at the hospital worry about endangering the fetus and liability.
(c) The ACLU cites the Supreme Court precedent for putting giving equal weight to the mother's and fetus' health.
(d) After consulting her family, the hospital calls on Judge Emmet Sullivan to decide.

4. According to Faludi, abortion is legal in every state:
(a) All of the above.
(b) Since colonial times.
(c) Until women's rights becomes an issue in the mid nineteenth century.
(d) And is supported by a majority of women.

5. Select the woman who becomes a popular Christian speaker and broadcaster, and in 1978 publishes <i>The Spirit-Controlled Woman</i>, calling on fundamentalist women to overcome passivity and develop a public voice--all by and for Jesus.
(a) Beverly LaHaye.
(b) Connaught ("Connie") Marshner.
(c) Faith Whittlesey.
(d) Phyllis Schlafly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following companies chooses to fight the EEOC's case brought against it?

2. Women's progress in the military falls after the Carter administration had ushered in a _______________ growth rate.

3. Grant claims that Gilligan's In a Different Voice teaches her that the "______________" is the essence of being a woman.

4. Which author uses fairy tales to generalize about men and women without offending anyone?

5. What percentage of younger women feel more akin to NOW than to either political party?

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