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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Women's progress in the military falls after the Carter administration had ushered in a _______________ growth rate.
(a) Small.
(b) Undocumented but noteworthy.
(c) 800%.
(d) Marginal.

2. According to Faludi, male crews comment that there are "too many women" on the job. This is reinforced by management's tendency to which of the following?
(a) Blame affirmative action when rejecting male applicants.
(b) Demote men while promoting women.
(c) Show preferential treatment to women in meetings.
(d) All answers are correct.

3. Which book shows Reagan's influence in criticizing the welfare state and pushing volunteerism and individual responsibility?
(a) The Second Stage.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) The Feminine Mystique.
(d) In a Different Voice.

4. Which backlash proponent calls himself "America's Number-One Anti-feminist"?
(a) Warren Farrell.
(b) Allan Bloom.
(c) George Gilder.
(d) Michael Levin

5. The Price's use all of the following accommodations to a feminist lifestyle except which of the following?
(a) Susan does not want to be a homemaker, over Stephen's objections.
(b) Susan puts Stephen through graduate school.
(c) They use babysitters and nursery schools and Susan is content.
(d) Susan does not complete her professional studies to become a therapist.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1988, at every level, writes Faludi, women candidates above the state legislature are at record low numbers and those who run generally lose. What does Faludi blame for this trend?

2. According to Faludi what is the greatest fear of suffrage opponents in the 1910s?

3. According to Toni Grant, self-assertion for women is abnormal and relinquishing control is naturally feminine. Therefore, when women attempt to control their own destiny they are in fact showing that they are _____________.

4. Faludi asserts that the 1980s and early 90s legal attacks against pregnant mothers could not be motivated by a desire to protect fetuses because at the same time which of the following policies was in place?

5. Which of the following two individuals does Faludi highlight as being unmarried while preaching that women should marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Chronicle the life of Connaught ("Connie") Marshner after she leaves college.

2. Describe the ways in which Poet Robert Bly affects the feminist movement.

3. In their advice manuals, Smart Women/Foolish Choices and Women Men Love/Women Men Leave, Melvin Kinder and Connell Cowan provide advice that is harmful to women. Give some examples of this advice and why it is harmful to women?

4. The media is highlighted as a field in which women see some of the worst progress. What evidence does Faludi use to support her claim?

5. Highlight Chapter 13's presentation of the prominent battle between NBC, ABC, and the women who choose to stand up to their policies?

6. According to Faludi, why are men like John Willke and Randall Terry engaged in the fight against abortion.

7. Highlight the 1980s battle against abortion and women's rights to control their reproductive rights.

8. Michael Levin and his wife Margarita Levin are highlighted as examples of a couple who espouse anti-feminist views while benefiting from feminist thoughts and perspectives. In what ways does Faludi believe this is seen in their lives?

9. As one of the czars under President Regan, Gary Bauer represents male politicians who attack feminism. These men attempt to serve the backlash vocally while being unable to do so in reality with their own families. Describe the contradiction for Bauer.

10. Recount the backlash's efforts to eliminate the effectiveness of the Women's Educational Equity Act.

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