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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Faludi states that in 1986, NBC and Cosmopolitan warn women of three side effects of divorce including:
(a) Loneliness, depression, and childlessness.
(b) An empty bank account, bitterness, and loneliness.
(c) Depression, loneliness, and an empty bank account.
(d) Childlessness, bitterness, and financial ruin.

2. Which of the following magazines uses the Harvard-Yale study to sell minis?
(a) Women's Day.
(b) Women's Wear Daily.
(c) Newsweek.
(d) Mademoiselle.

3. In coining the term "cocooning," Faith Popcorn was seeking to do what according to Faludi?
(a) Identify a gender-neutral trend of parents leaving the office for being at home.
(b) Highlight the fact that neither men nor women are placing family time over career advancement.
(c) Show men as being more focused on sacrificing career advancement for family time.
(d) Support the backlash's efforts to highlight slight changes in women returning to traditional roles.

4. Faludi asserts that equal attention is given to _______ family size in whites and ________ family size among blacks.
(a) Increasing, limiting.
(b) Limiting, limiting.
(c) Limiting, increasing.
(d) Increasing, increasing.

5. Which organization's findings do not support the idea of a "baby boomlet" among career women?
(a) No answers are correct.
(b) Annual surveys by professional organizations.
(c) Census Bureau data.
(d) Time magazine research.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the health care industry continues to convince women they need medical attention, the market increases for which of these services?

2. According to Faludi, thirty years of data show that men suffer __________ __________ than do women.

3. The backlash seeks to divide and conquer by pitting women against each other. Faludi describes all of the following battle lines EXCEPT:

4. Which of the following terms was coined as a part of the backlash?

5. The major networks parade tearfully "penitent unwed" women through the media; Faludi highlights examples from all the following networks EXCEPT:

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize three ways in which Felice Schwartz affects the feminist movement.

2. The CBS hit show Cagney and Lacey deals with the serious issue of the unmarried character, Cagney, becoming pregnant. Summarize Faludi's perspective on the manner in which this issue is resolved?

3. Identify three reasons why a periodical such as The New England Journal of Medicine would publish flawed data concerning fertility rates of young women.

4. Select at least three media outlets and discuss how they work with the backlash to use relationship "scare tactics" to fight against the feminist movement.

5. In chapter 7 of the book, why does Faludi write that retailers use the word "choice" to make their sales pitches "sound feminist"?

6. Who is Dr. Robert Harvey and why is he discussed in the chapter on the cosmetic industry?

7. On the issue of women's liberation and equality, compare the perspective of politicians, journalists, and business leaders versus those of women.

8. Faludi writes that getting ABC to put Marilyn French's best-selling novel The Women's Room on screen is Esther Shapiro's "most grueling" professional experience. What are some of the factors that make this project so difficult?

9. Explain why the media would not focus on feminist issues such as jobs, equal pay, or coeducation but would instead give heavy coverage to protests against the Miss America pageant and burning bras.

10. What is the purpose of the book Backlash: The Undeclared War against American Women?

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