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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following occur in the case of Angela Carder ("A.C"), age twenty-eight, a bone cancer victim who conceives in 1984 while in remission?
(a) After consulting her family, the hospital calls on Judge Emmet Sullivan to decide.
(b) The ACLU cites the Supreme Court precedent for putting giving equal weight to the mother's and fetus' health.
(c) Her long-time oncologist recommends aggressive treatment, but doctors and lawyers at the hospital worry about endangering the fetus and liability.
(d) No answers are correct.

2. Who was the author of the book, Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion?
(a) John Willke.
(b) Emmet Sullivan.
(c) Joseph Scheidler.
(d) Randall Terry.

3. The New Right select which of the following adjectives to describe feminism?
(a) Unrelenting.
(b) Satanic.
(c) Timely.
(d) Insipid.

4. Chapter 13, "The Wages of the Backlash" shows all of the following undermining the progress women make in the 1970s EXCEPT:
(a) Reaganomics.
(b) Recession.
(c) An expanding minimum-wage economy.
(d) Religion.

5. George Gilder, a Reagan speechwriter, states that the women's movement does all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Supports male misogyny.
(b) Allows women to survive without husbands.
(c) Champions social welfare programs.
(d) Encourages women to work.

6. According to Faludi, rather than helping women to overcome the problems with misogyny, the book If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single? suggests that women can be happy only if they do all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Stop trying to make men change.
(b) Postpone careers until children are grown.
(c) Strive to be self-fulfilled.
(d) Learn to compromise.

7. Grant claims that Gilligan's In a Different Voice teaches her that the "______________" is the essence of being a woman.
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) Quest for romance.
(c) Embracing of one's femininity.
(d) Discovery of self.

8. The Price's use all of the following accommodations to a feminist lifestyle except which of the following?
(a) Susan puts Stephen through graduate school.
(b) Susan does not want to be a homemaker, over Stephen's objections.
(c) They use babysitters and nursery schools and Susan is content.
(d) Susan does not complete her professional studies to become a therapist.

9. The antiabortion message is championed by which of the following teams?
(a) The New York Knicks.
(b) The New York Giants.
(c) New York Rangers.
(d) New York Yankees.

10. According to Faludi what is the greatest fear of suffrage opponents in the 1910s?
(a) Smaller household sizes among the middle class.
(b) The creation of a "feminist party."
(c) Political indifference by women.
(d) The decline of morality in society.

11. Which of the following women is a Harvard-educated lawyer and author of nine books who twice runs for Congress?
(a) Faith Whittlesey.
(b) Phyllis Schlafly.
(c) Beverly LaHaye.
(d) Connaught ("Connie") Marshner.

12. The book backlash claims that which of the following is true?
(a) The gap narrows among Hispanics.
(b) The pay gap is reduced because of men's falling wages.
(c) The gap narrows among the college educated.
(d) The gap narrows among Blacks.

13. According to Toni Grant, self-assertion for women is abnormal and relinquishing control is naturally feminine. Therefore, when women attempt to control their own destiny they are in fact showing that they are _____________.
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) Masochistic.
(c) Misogynistic.
(d) Self-destructive.

14. The federal "reductions in force" hit women over which level twice as badly as men?
(a) G.S. 11.
(b) G.S. 5.
(c) All answers are correct.
(d) G.S. 9.

15. This author dismisses a young woman's objection about women's role in gathering supplies.
(a) Michael Levin.
(b) Allan Bloom.
(c) Warren Farrell.
(d) George Gilder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Women Who Love Too Much: When You Keep Wishing and Hoping He'll Change is written by which of the following authors?

2. Grant concludes that women's liberation is a set of "big lies" that lead to all of the following EXCEPT:

3. Paul Weyrich is defined by Faludi as all the following EXCEPT:

4. Which of the following claims to be the "media's number one psychologist," broadcasting live, nationwide, from Los Angeles?

5. The co-directors of which of the following organizations declare themselves "the psychological arm of the women's movement"?

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