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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Faludi asserts that a major objective of the attack on feminism is the desire to:
(a) Destroy the family bond.
(b) Return to capitalist traditions.
(c) Encourage women to band together.
(d) Break women's political will.

2. In Angels 88 screenwriter Brad Markowitz has been ordered to do all of the following except:
(a) Make the detectives incompetent unemployed actresses.
(b) Demote the police academy-trained detectives.
(c) Add more bikinis.
(d) Make the detectives dropouts from the police academy.

3. According to Backlash, attacking the feminist movement is accomplished by systematically using which of the following?
(a) Popular culture.
(b) Grassroots movements of husbands and fathers.
(c) No answers are correct.
(d) Research on children's opinions.

4. Part 2 of the book The Backlash in Popular Culture looks at trends in all the following media EXCEPT:
(a) Print.
(b) Magazines.
(c) Internet.
(d) Television.

5. In 1987, what does NBC identify as the possible "yuppie disease of the '80s"?
(a) Financial competition between husbands and wives.
(b) HIV.
(c) The surge in infertility.
(d) The high divorce rates.

6. Faludi asserts that under the Reagan administration which of the following are pressured to generate data that fit the war on women's independence?
(a) University researchers.
(b) U.S. Department of Education statisticians.
(c) U.S. Census Bureau demographers.
(d) Media organizations receiving federal grants.

7. Unmarried, childless after forty, hooked on work, a 1970s feminist and the third generation in her family to have a low view of "traditional femininity." This is Faludi's description of which market research trend executive?
(a) Faith Popcorn.
(b) Felice Schwartz.
(c) Mary Anne Devanna.
(d) No answers are correct.

8. Surveys show that an overwhelming majority of women feel there is still a need for all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) An Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
(b) Child-rearing courses.
(c) The right to abortions.
(d) Decent childcare.

9. According to Faludi in Chapter 1, all of the following attack feminists EXCEPT:
(a) Journalists.
(b) Politicians.
(c) School teachers.
(d) Clergy.

10. By the 1980s the media begins to hail the arrival of a "________ generation."
(a) Anti-feminist.
(b) Anti-gender.
(c) Post-gender.
(d) Post-feminist.

11. During the 1980s all the following firsts are accomplished EXCEPT:
(a) Women outnumber men on unemployment lines.
(b) Women outnumber men in total jobs.
(c) Women outnumber men in college attendance.
(d) The U.S. Census stops defining head of household as the husband.

12. Which of the following magazines uses the Harvard-Yale study to sell minis?
(a) Newsweek.
(b) Women's Day.
(c) Women's Wear Daily.
(d) Mademoiselle.

13. Backlash is written in which decade?
(a) 1970s.
(b) 1950s.
(c) 1960s.
(d) 1980s.

14. The backlash seeks to divide and conquer by pitting women against each other. Faludi describes all of the following battle lines EXCEPT:
(a) Single versus married.
(b) Affluent versus working poor.
(c) Working versus homemakers.
(d) Young versus old.

15. Faludi states that in 1986, NBC and Cosmopolitan warn women of three side effects of divorce including:
(a) Depression, loneliness, and an empty bank account.
(b) Childlessness, bitterness, and financial ruin.
(c) An empty bank account, bitterness, and loneliness.
(d) Loneliness, depression, and childlessness.

Short Answer Questions

1. When women boo Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York, Faludi sees this as an indication that women want to embrace single womanhood. She says this because of which of the following?

2. Yankelovich Monitor surveys find that "masculinity" is often defined as a man being a "good provider." This has negative implications for which of the following aspects of the feminist movement?

3. Which of the following two anti-feminist movies are made into television sitcoms?

4. In her timeline of women's cosmetic trends, Faludi states that the bright, healthy, athletic look is popular in which era?

5. According to Faludi, thirty years of data show that men suffer __________ __________ than do women.

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