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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Another blow to the feminist movement comes when the Supreme Court moves towards which of the following actions?
(a) Removing gender-based arguments from its hearings.
(b) Reconsidering abortion rights.
(c) Striking down the Equal Rights Amendment.
(d) Removing all gender-neutral policies from public laws.

2. Faludi suggests that movies are used by men to deal with their emotions concerning women. How does she suggest this is done?
(a) When watching movies with female partners, men cow them into silence by shouting at the screen.
(b) They avoid movies in which women are not treated equally and support movies that show they are progressive and in support of the feminist movement.
(c) By watching tapes at home men develop bitter grudges and ongoing fears about women.
(d) In dark theaters men work out deep-seated resentments and fears about women.

3. Which book provides the "devastating" statistics that there is a seventy-three percent decline in a woman's standard of living during the first year after divorce versus a man's forty-seven percent increase?
(a) <i>The Divorce Revolution.</i>
(b) <i>The Divorce Generation.</i>
(c) <i>When Divorce Happens.</i>
(d) <i>The Force of Divorce.</i>

4. Sociologist Lenore Weitzman suggests that the issue of divorce should be handled by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) "Fine-tuning" new divorce laws.
(b) Focusing on the core question of whether women are better off "protected" or equal.
(c) Rejecting the "charade" of the old system.
(d) Collecting pre-reform data against which to test her hypothesis.

5. In her timeline of women's cosmetic trends, Faludi states that the bright, healthy, athletic look is popular in which era?
(a) During World War I.
(b) In the 1970s.
(c) The 1910s and 1920s.
(d) The 1920s and 1930s.

6. Part 2 of the book <i>The Backlash in Popular Culture</i> looks at trends in all the following media EXCEPT:
(a) Television.
(b) Print.
(c) Magazines.
(d) Internet.

7. British directory/screenwriter James Dearden's screenplay makes the adulterous husband more sympathetic; however, according to Faludi, it was intended to be an exploration of what?
(a) An individual's responsibility for a stranger's suffering.
(b) A middle-aged man's fight for monogamy.
(c) The plight of a suburban housewife.
(d) The family unit and how it can be torn apart.

8. Surveys show that an overwhelming majority of women feel there is still a need for all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Child-rearing courses.
(b) An Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
(c) Decent childcare.
(d) The right to abortions.

9. According to <i>Backlash</i>, attacking the feminist movement is accomplished by systematically using which of the following?
(a) Popular culture.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) Research on children's opinions.
(d) Grassroots movements of husbands and fathers.

10. Select the book that claims that children are worse off when parents divorce.
(a) <i>After Divorce</i>.
(b) <i>Second Chance</i>.
(c) <i>The Little Ones</i>.
(d) <i>Parents Choices</i>.

11. Faludi makes the point that most women who go mad in 1970s films are repressed and neglected housewives. According to the author, these women do all of the following except what?
(a) Hear that they should take action and speak up.
(b) Hear that they should enjoy themselves.
(c) Go to other women for advice.
(d) Turn to male doctors.

12. When making an indictment of 1980s films featuring female jobs, Faludi states that these movies do all of the following except:
(a) Fail to indict a demoralizing marketplace.
(b) Show female jobs as tedious and supportive of male enterprises.
(c) Showing why women are better off staying home.
(d) Show women as recognizing the sacrifices of being working women, but highly satisfied with their choices.

13. Unmarried, childless after forty, hooked on work, a 1970s feminist and the third generation in her family to have a low view of "traditional femininity." This is Faludi's description of which market research trend executive?
(a) Faith Popcorn.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) Mary Anne Devanna.
(d) Felice Schwartz.

14. ________ issues more miniskirts and says older women want to feel sexy on the job and ________ agrees: "gals" like to show their legs.
(a) John Weitz, Christian Dior.
(b) Bill Blass, Calvin Klein.
(c) No answers are correct.
(d) Calvin Klein, Christian Lacroix.

15. After Reagan's accession to the presidency, Faludi writes that the two political parties do which of the following?
(a) Both stop talking about women's rights.
(b) Begin expressing diverging views about women's rights.
(c) Each present separate platforms for advancing women's rights.
(d) Both oppose the women's rights movement with equal vigor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Faludi states that which of the following is less harmful to women than other forms of plastic surgery?

2. Yankelovich Monitor surveys find that "masculinity" is often defined as a man being a "good provider." This has negative implications for which of the following aspects of the feminist movement?

3. Faludi asserts that a major objective of the attack on feminism is the desire to:

4. Who casts his wife in the demeaning role of an unsmiling female doctor who clutches her book about obsession and compulsion?

5. Victoria Secret was intended to be the:

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