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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the books, Smart Women/Foolish Choices and Women Men Love/Women Men Leave women are told that their problems stem from which of the following choices?
(a) Delaying childbearing.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) Delaying career entry.
(d) Delaying marriage.

2. In the 1980 presidential election, the only clear differentiation from the Democrats comes when the Republicans do what according to Faludi?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) Oppose the ERA.
(c) Revoke the Equal Pay Act
(d) Put forth an anti-abortion platform.

3. Whose design house loses $9.3 million in 1989?
(a) Christian Lacroix.
(b) John Weitz.
(c) Calvin Klein.
(d) Christian Dior.

4. Which of the following two individuals does Faludi highlight as being unmarried while preaching that women should marry?
(a) George Gilder and Allan Bloom.
(b) All these individuals are married.
(c) Robert Bly and Sylvia Ann Hewlett.
(d) Michael Levin and Warren Farrell.

5. According to Faludi, the pay gap in 1986 is actually what?
(a) $.64 cents on the dollar.
(b) $.20 on the dollar.
(c) $.70 on the dollar.
(d) No answers are correct.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Faludi, men's opposition to women's rights and the feminist movement is a source of:

2. According to Faludi, thirty years of data show that men suffer __________ __________ than do women.

3. Select the magazine that Faludi praises for using federal statistics to accurately portray the career choices of women.

4. By ignoring women's issues in his acceptance speech, which presidential candidate sees his twenty-four percent gender gap decease to only eight percent by Election Day?

5. Why does Faludi believe Warren Farrell's loses his enthusiasm for the feminist movement?

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