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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Faludi makes the point that most women who go mad in 1970s films are repressed and neglected housewives. According to the author, these women do all of the following except what?
(a) Turn to male doctors.
(b) Hear that they should take action and speak up.
(c) Hear that they should enjoy themselves.
(d) Go to other women for advice.

2. In <i>Angels 88</i> screenwriter Brad Markowitz has been ordered to do all of the following except:
(a) Add more bikinis.
(b) Make the detectives dropouts from the police academy.
(c) Demote the police academy-trained detectives.
(d) Make the detectives incompetent unemployed actresses.

3. Which of the following terms was coined as a part of the backlash?
(a) Biological clock.
(b) Mommy syndrome.
(c) Husband shortage.
(d) Feminism movement.

4. Beverly LaHaye founds Concerned Women for America (CWA); her husband Tim LaHaye is co-founder of which organization?
(a) Free Congress Foundation.
(b) Heritage Foundation.
(c) Young Americans for Freedom.
(d) Moral Majority.

5. Faludi notes that after Reagan becomes president, which of the following are among the political victims?
(a) Newspapers.
(b) The Vice President.
(c) The Equal Rights Amendment.
(d) The Office of Domestic Violence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What three relationship trends increased in the 1950s?

2. Why do politicians, journalists, and business leaders claim that women need no more help advancing?

3. The term "strong-armed into motherhood" is used by Faludi to describe which of the following movies?

4. All of the following are listed for reasons for newspapers cutting available jobs except:

5. Which of the following two anti-feminist movies are made into television sitcoms?

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