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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 7-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An analogy is made between heiress Patricia Hearst and many female characters of the 1980s. Which of the following expresses the comparison?
(a) Carrying a light load in a backpack to symbolize the ease with which committed women face motherhood.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) Being bound, blindfolded, and lacking identity to symbolize having to flee the office for marriage and motherhood.
(d) Having two heavy weights in each hand to symbolize the choice between marriage and single womanhood.

2. Faludi notes that rarely do the backlash's "force and furor" become as public as when which of the following occurs?
(a) When prominent politicians deliver speeches against feminism.
(b) When women's clinics are firebombed.
(c) When women's clinics are shut down due to systematic lobbying efforts.
(d) When women's clinics are awarded additional funding.

3. The backlash seeks to divide and conquer by pitting women against each other. Faludi describes all of the following battle lines EXCEPT:
(a) Single versus married.
(b) Young versus old.
(c) Affluent versus working poor.
(d) Working versus homemakers.

4. Faludi writes that all of the following designers try to push femininity onto working women except:
(a) Christian Dior.
(b) Christian Lacroix.
(c) Calvin Klein.
(d) John Weitz.

5. Who is nicknamed "The Breast Man of San Francisco"?
(a) Dr. Jack Statz.
(b) Dr. Robert Harvey.
(c) Dr. Hugo Ramirez.
(d) Dr. John Voorhees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Guess Jeans' advertising campaign is based variously on all the following except:

2. What is the complete title of the book, Backlash?

3. _________ and ________, two demographers at the Census Bureau, re-run the Harvard-Yale study using 1980 data and find a major flaw in the study and its calculations.

4. Victoria Secret was intended to be the:

5. After the pop media launches its assault on single womanhood and increasing divorce numbers, what does Faludi quote as the percent drop in divorce rates?

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