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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 5-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An analogy is made between heiress Patricia Hearst and many female characters of the 1980s. Which of the following expresses the comparison?
(a) No answers are correct.
(b) Being bound, blindfolded, and lacking identity to symbolize having to flee the office for marriage and motherhood.
(c) Having two heavy weights in each hand to symbolize the choice between marriage and single womanhood.
(d) Carrying a light load in a backpack to symbolize the ease with which committed women face motherhood.

2. In the book Backlash, attackers of the feminist movement are described as working to put women back in their "proper" place _________________ and __________.
(a) Physiologically, emotionally.
(b) Relationally, traditionally.
(c) Psychologically, physically.
(d) Morally, ethnologically.

3. Which book provides the "devastating" statistics that there is a seventy-three percent decline in a woman's standard of living during the first year after divorce versus a man's forty-seven percent increase?
(a) When Divorce Happens.
(b) The Force of Divorce.
(c) The Divorce Generation.
(d) The Divorce Revolution.

4. Who casts his wife in the demeaning role of an unsmiling female doctor who clutches her book about obsession and compulsion?
(a) Adrian Lyne.
(b) David Mamet.
(c) Michael Douglas.
(d) James Dearden.

5. According to Faludi, thirty years of data show that men suffer __________ __________ than do women.
(a) More physically.
(b) More psychologically.
(c) Less physically.
(d) Less psychologically.

Short Answer Questions

1. Backlash is written in which decade?

2. According to Faludi, how are female characters treated in morality tales?

3. Select the book that claims that children are worse off when parents divorce.

4. Television assaults the women's movement less than Hollywood movies; Faludi states that this is because of what factor?

5. Yankelovich Monitor surveys find that "masculinity" is often defined as a man being a "good provider." This has negative implications for which of the following aspects of the feminist movement?

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