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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the 1980s all the following firsts are accomplished EXCEPT:
(a) Women outnumber men in college attendance.
(b) The U.S. Census stops defining head of household as the husband.
(c) Women outnumber men in total jobs.
(d) Women outnumber men on unemployment lines.

2. Which book shows Reagan's influence in criticizing the welfare state and pushing volunteerism and individual responsibility?
(a) The Feminine Mystique.
(b) In a Different Voice.
(c) The Second Stage.
(d) No answers are correct.

3. Women send positive letters after the heroine walks away from the altar in which movie?
(a) Flashdance.
(b) Private Benjamin.
(c) Fatal Attraction.
(d) The Graduate.

4. This author dismisses a young woman's objection about women's role in gathering supplies.
(a) Warren Farrell.
(b) George Gilder.
(c) Allan Bloom.
(d) Michael Levin.

5. Retin-A is approved by the FDA to treat _____________ and is eventually marketed to treat ________.
(a) Wrinkles, wrinkles.
(b) Acne, wrinkles.
(c) Wrinkles, acne.
(d) Acne, acne.

Short Answer Questions

1. Guess Jeans' advertising campaign is based variously on all the following except:

2. Television assaults the women's movement less than Hollywood movies; Faludi states that this is because of what factor?

3. Faludi states that in 1986, NBC and Cosmopolitan warn women of three side effects of divorce including:

4. In the American version of the French film Three Men and a Baby, what significant change is made to the story line?

5. Advertisers tell women career success is harming their complexions and causing all of the following except:

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