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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1987, what does NBC identify as the possible "yuppie disease of the '80s"?
(a) The surge in infertility.
(b) HIV.
(c) Financial competition between husbands and wives.
(d) The high divorce rates.

2. Who is nicknamed "The Breast Man of San Francisco"?
(a) Dr. John Voorhees.
(b) Dr. Robert Harvey.
(c) Dr. Hugo Ramirez.
(d) Dr. Jack Statz.

3. _________ and ________, two demographers at the Census Bureau, re-run the Harvard-Yale study using 1980 data and find a major flaw in the study and its calculations.
(a) Patricia Craig, Neil Bennett.
(b) Jeanne Moorman, Robert Fay.
(c) David Bloom, Jeanne Moorman.
(d) Neil Bennett, David Bloom.

4. Advertisers tell women career success is harming their complexions and causing all of the following except:
(a) Weight gain.
(b) Hair loss.
(c) Dandruff.
(d) Dry skin.

5. Which of the following magazines uses the Harvard-Yale study to sell minis?
(a) Mademoiselle.
(b) Women's Wear Daily.
(c) Newsweek.
(d) Women's Day.

Short Answer Questions

1. Faludi presents Ms. Magazine as a media outlet that has abandoned its flagship status as a supporter of the feminist movement. She writes that the magazine returns to its roots only after what happens?

2. Faludi states that which of the following is less harmful to women than other forms of plastic surgery?

3. Women send positive letters after the heroine walks away from the altar in which movie?

4. Faludi asserts that the decade's only real infertility epidemic is among young _____ women and is caused largely by the failure to treat ______ early on.

5. During the 1980s all the following firsts are accomplished EXCEPT:

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