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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which female executive is quoted as saying she hopes companies can treat "career-and-family women" more leniently than "career-primary" women?
(a) Bonnie Chambers.
(b) Faith Popcorn.
(c) Mary Anne Devanna.
(d) Felice Schwartz.

2. Which of the following occur following Reagan's second term in office?
(a) No answers are correct.
(b) The New Right criticizes Reagan for not supporting its agenda more strongly during his first term.
(c) A greater number of conservative women begin to support the Democratic candidates.
(d) The number of female appointments drops below the level achieved during Reagan's first term.

3. Which of the following terms was coined as a part of the backlash?
(a) Husband shortage.
(b) Biological clock.
(c) Mommy syndrome.
(d) Feminism movement.

4. In coining the term "cocooning," Faith Popcorn was seeking to do what according to Faludi?
(a) Highlight the fact that neither men nor women are placing family time over career advancement.
(b) Identify a gender-neutral trend of parents leaving the office for being at home.
(c) Show men as being more focused on sacrificing career advancement for family time.
(d) Support the backlash's efforts to highlight slight changes in women returning to traditional roles.

5. Chapter 13, "The Wages of the Backlash" shows all of the following undermining the progress women make in the 1970s EXCEPT:
(a) Reaganomics.
(b) Recession.
(c) Religion.
(d) An expanding minimum-wage economy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Select the woman who becomes a popular Christian speaker and broadcaster, and in 1978 publishes The Spirit-Controlled Woman, calling on fundamentalist women to overcome passivity and develop a public voice--all by and for Jesus.

2. How does the Faludi describe the media's treatment of protests against the Miss America pageant and burning bras?

3. In the late 1980s, circulation of traditional women's magazines is down sharply with Good Housekeeping the worst off and Working Woman the best off. To what does Faludi attribute the relative success of Working Woman?

4. By ignoring women's issues in his acceptance speech, which presidential candidate sees his twenty-four percent gender gap decease to only eight percent by Election Day?

5. Which of the following women is a Harvard-educated lawyer and author of nine books who twice runs for Congress?

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