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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The major networks parade tearfully "penitent unwed" women through the media; Faludi highlights examples from all the following networks EXCEPT:
(a) NBC.
(b) FOX.
(c) CBS.
(d) ABC.

2. Select the woman who becomes a popular Christian speaker and broadcaster, and in 1978 publishes The Spirit-Controlled Woman, calling on fundamentalist women to overcome passivity and develop a public voice--all by and for Jesus.
(a) Beverly LaHaye.
(b) Phyllis Schlafly.
(c) Connaught ("Connie") Marshner.
(d) Faith Whittlesey.

3. In coining the term "cocooning," Faith Popcorn was seeking to do what according to Faludi?
(a) Identify a gender-neutral trend of parents leaving the office for being at home.
(b) Support the backlash's efforts to highlight slight changes in women returning to traditional roles.
(c) Highlight the fact that neither men nor women are placing family time over career advancement.
(d) Show men as being more focused on sacrificing career advancement for family time.

4. Faludi presents Ms. Magazine as a media outlet that has abandoned its flagship status as a supporter of the feminist movement. She writes that the magazine returns to its roots only after what happens?
(a) A string of firebombings of abortion clinics in 1987.
(b) The Office of Domestic Violence is closed.
(c) The Supreme Court restricts women's reproductive rights in 1989.
(d) Congress abandons the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

5. In 1984, who is the highest-placed woman in the New Right?
(a) Faith Whittlesey.
(b) Beverly LaHaye.
(c) Connaught ("Connie") Marshner.
(d) Phyllis Schlafly.

Short Answer Questions

1. The New Right select which of the following adjectives to describe feminism?

2. Which of the following women is a Harvard-educated lawyer and author of nine books who twice runs for Congress?

3. According to Faludi, the pay gap in 1986 is actually what?

4. The book backlash claims that which of the following is true?

5. Unmarried, childless after forty, hooked on work, a 1970s feminist and the third generation in her family to have a low view of "traditional femininity." This is Faludi's description of which market research trend executive?

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