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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1984, who is the highest-placed woman in the New Right?
(a) Beverly LaHaye.
(b) Phyllis Schlafly.
(c) Connaught ("Connie") Marshner.
(d) Faith Whittlesey.

2. Unmarried, childless after forty, hooked on work, a 1970s feminist and the third generation in her family to have a low view of "traditional femininity." This is Faludi's description of which market research trend executive?
(a) Mary Anne Devanna.
(b) No answers are correct.
(c) Faith Popcorn.
(d) Felice Schwartz.

3. The federal "reductions in force" hit women over which level twice as badly as men?
(a) G.S. 5.
(b) All answers are correct.
(c) G.S. 9.
(d) G.S. 11.

4. In the summer following the 1988 election, which women's organization held a conference at which a motion passes to discuss a third political party?
(a) National Organization for Women.
(b) Women's Agenda Conference.
(c) Concerned Women for America.
(d) Eagle Forum.

5. In the late 1980s, circulation of traditional women's magazines is down sharply with Good Housekeeping the worst off and Working Woman the best off. To what does Faludi attribute the relative success of Working Woman?
(a) The magazine is concentrating on career women's needs.
(b) Executives at Working Woman focus on traditional female roles, which is what readers want.
(c) Working Woman has a better system of distribution.
(d) Surveys show that Working Woman has many more loyal readers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Part 2 of the book The Backlash in Popular Culture looks at trends in all the following media EXCEPT:

2. Which of these is not a goal of the New Right?

3. According to Faludi, the pay gap in 1986 is actually what?

4. All of the following are listed for reasons for newspapers cutting available jobs except:

5. What are the findings of the 1987 survey conducted by Fortune magazine on the issue of "bailing out," the term used to describe female MBA students opting for less demanding careers to concentrate on marriage and family?

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