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David K. Shipler
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shipler describes the prison camp as a squalid _______, stinking of sewage and garbage.
(a) Hospital.
(b) Place.
(c) Sore.
(d) Ditch.

2. Zohar says that if his parents had not remained in Israel, he would have become a ___________ in the refugee camps.
(a) Cook.
(b) Wanderer.
(c) Guerrilla.
(d) Prisoner.

3. The small fires which are lit help to ________ and to delimit the vast expanses of land.
(a) Confuse.
(b) Focus.
(c) Break up.
(d) Narrow.

4. Shipler says that a powerful fear of the alleged sexual __________ of Arab men is intermixed with all of the other stereotypes Jews hold.
(a) Domination.
(b) Infertility.
(c) Impotence.
(d) Prowess.

5. A young Palestinian asks to be called Gamal as he fears additional _________ if he is found.
(a) Military retribution.
(b) Shunning.
(c) Military service.
(d) Torture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Palestinians assume that their schools, jobs, villages, and refugee camps are filled with _____________.

2. Some ____________ oppose any vote for Israeli-Arabs since they are exempt from military service.

3. "A __________ girl doesn't have to wait for an opportunity to move next door," said one Arab woman.

4. The first image of fire is a small campfire that ____________ light as soon as they stop in a given place.

5. Camel caravans used to take 18 days to reach Cairo, so they would only occur __________ times a year.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was it witty for a Palestinian who claimed he was a target of anti-Semitism when targeted by anti-Arab bigotry?

2. What does Shipler find a striking similarity between when this chapter begins?

3. Who did Shipler visit each time he went to Israel in 1993 and in 2001?

4. What are some of the things which the Israelis have done for the Sinai Bedouin?

5. Why do some Jews oppose any vote for Israeli-Arabs?

6. What do Palestinians assume about their schools, jobs, villages, and even the refugee camps?

7. After 45 days of imprisonment and torture, what did the young Palestinian swore he had done during that time?

8. Describe the conditions that Shipler found when he was allowed to go into Ansar.

9. What did the government pour millions of dollars into, thought they would not support Neve Shalom?

10. Why are there no statistics on the intermarriages between Arabs and Jews?

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