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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who watches the three girls jump rope?
(a) The older boys.
(b) Neeka's mother.
(c) The younger girls.
(d) The narrator's mother.

2. What does Jayjones tell D about pretty girls and eating?
(a) Pretty girls eat wings.
(b) Pretty girls don't like fries.
(c) Eating fish makes pretty girls even better looking.
(d) Pretty girls eat sandwiches.

3. For what is Jayjones known?
(a) Having a car.
(b) Playing basketball.
(c) Playing football.
(d) Being a straight A student.

4. What is Neeka's mother like?
(a) She is a drug addict.
(b) Stern and unyielding.
(c) Overbearing but loving.
(d) She is an alcoholic.

5. Of what does Jayjones accuse Neeka?
(a) Of doing something that made the cop bother him.
(b) Of sounding like their mother.
(c) Of wanting him to be someone he is not.
(d) Of wanting him to become too white.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brenda do with her baby in a song?

2. According to the narrator what kind of clothes does D wear?

3. When was the first time Tupac was shot?

4. What reputation does the narrator have?

5. How does Neeka's mother feel about D when she first meets her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is D going to live and what do the friends vow?

2. What did Tash do at church before he went to prison?

3. What are D, the narrator, and Neeka doing in the opening of Chapter 1 and what is "Brenda's Got a Baby" about?

4. How does Jayjones act when he comes back from Georgetown and what does the narrator observe about him?

5. What does D say is the reason she loves Tupac and how do the narrator and Neeka feel about what she says?

6. Who is D's foster mother, what is she like, and why does D obey her?

7. What does the narrator see some men do when Tash is walking towards her, how does she feel about it and what does he say about getting out of prison early?

8. What kind of party does Tash throw in Chapter 20, who sings with him and how do they sound? What does the narrator figure out at the party?

9. What kind of outlandish rumors does the narrator hear about Tupac and what does she visualize that makes her feel good?

10. What kind of offers does Jayjones receive from colleges and what does he decide to do and why?

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