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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Randall?
(a) Tash's piano teacher.
(b) Miss Irene's son.
(c) Tash's big brother.
(d) Neeka's boyfriend.

2. Why is Neeka resentful on the trip?
(a) She was supposed to go to a birthday party that day.
(b) She has to watch her two younger brothers.
(c) She was supposed to go to the movies with a boy that day.
(d) She does not feel well.

3. What does the narrator envy about Neeka?
(a) Her perfect features.
(b) Her family's money.
(c) Neeka's brilliance.
(d) Her noisy family.

4. Why is Tash imprisoned?
(a) For assault on a police officer.
(b) As an accomplice to assault and robbery.
(c) For illegal drugs.
(d) As an accomplish to murder.

5. What does the narrator say is the loudest sound in the world?
(a) The sound of a grown man crying from abuse in prison.
(b) The soft sound of prison gates locking.
(c) The sound of the silence while waiting to be called in to see Tash.
(d) The sound of a mother crying for her imprisoned son.

6. What does Neeka fear?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Being arrested.
(c) Being beaten or raped.
(d) Her mother finding out.

7. What do Sly and his friend testify?
(a) That Tash was in on the robbery.
(b) That Tash has nothing to do with the robbery.
(c) That Tash is the one who kills Randall.
(d) That Tash was the only one in on the robbery.

8. What does Neeka say about Tash?
(a) He has a bad temper, but would not do any more than slap a person.
(b) At least he is out of drugs in prison.
(c) He is scary.
(d) He would not hurt a fly.

9. Who is Flo?
(a) The narrator's mother.
(b) Neeka's mother.
(c) D's real mother.
(d) A kind woman who does not want D for the government benefits.

10. To what does the narrator relate Tupac's arrest?
(a) To the arrest of others in Queens.
(b) To Mandela's arrest.
(c) To how slaves were brutalized.
(d) To Mahatma Gandhi's arrest.

11. What is it about the East Side train that makes the narrator and Neeka's family uneasy?
(a) The tracks are really rough.
(b) The train is full of white people.
(c) The train is swaying and making them a little seasick.
(d) Not knowing exactly where they are supposed to get off.

12. How does the narrator describe the prison guards?
(a) As cold.
(b) As friendly.
(c) As intimidating.
(d) As kindly.

13. What does Neeka think she cannot find in her family?
(a) Her Big Purpose.
(b) Serenity.
(c) Popularity.
(d) A man who will tolerate them.

14. What happens to Tupac when Chapter 10 opens?
(a) He learns his brother is arrested.
(b) He is attacked and severely injured in prison.
(c) He is sentenced to more time because of hitting a guard.
(d) He is let out of jail early.

15. What is one thing Jayjones says black people cannot do?
(a) Attend church in peace.
(b) Sing in public.
(c) Look at a cop in the eyes.
(d) Walk too fast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tash spend a few weeks?

2. What does D learn that the court system has done?

3. What happens after Tupac recovers from being shot?

4. Of what is Tash convinced about Sly?

5. What does Jayjones say about black men?

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