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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Neeka say about Tash?
(a) He would not hurt a fly.
(b) At least he is out of drugs in prison.
(c) He is scary.
(d) He has a bad temper, but would not do any more than slap a person.

2. What do Sly and the other man do at Randall's?
(a) Kill Randall and steal Tash's wallet.
(b) Beat up Sly and another man.
(c) Beat up Tash and kill Randall.
(d) Convince Tash and Randall that they are undercover cops.

3. Who is Randall?
(a) Neeka's boyfriend.
(b) Miss Irene's son.
(c) Tash's big brother.
(d) Tash's piano teacher.

4. What happens to Tupac when Chapter 10 opens?
(a) He is sentenced to more time because of hitting a guard.
(b) He learns his brother is arrested.
(c) He is let out of jail early.
(d) He is attacked and severely injured in prison.

5. What happens after Tupac recovers from being shot?
(a) He is sent to prison.
(b) He decides to sue the girl who accuses him.
(c) He writes a rap song about racism and the justice system
(d) He moves to California.

6. What does D say about a counselor's statement in a group home?
(a) The counselor says that D is no good.
(b) The counselor says that D has more potential than any child there.
(c) The counselor says that D's kind of child is a throwaway kid.
(d) The counselor says that D is wonderful.

7. What does the narrator say is the effect of Tash's music?
(a) It enlivened everyone.
(b) It made ladies cry.
(c) She does not mention Tash's music.
(d) The lyrics bothered a lot of people.

8. What do Tash's visitors have to go through?
(a) A brief lecture on what they can and can't do.
(b) A strip search.
(c) A metal detector.
(d) A lecture on the justice system.

9. Why does Randall not tell his side of the story?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He hates Tash now.
(c) He is intimidated.
(d) He is hospitalized.

10. What does the narrator compare herself to regarding her height?
(a) She is taller than D or Neeka.
(b) She is as tall as her older brother.
(c) She is as tall as Wilt Chamberlain.
(d) She is taller than her mother or father.

11. Where do the girls make snow angels?
(a) In the snow on the stage.
(b) In front of their house on the sidewalk.
(c) In the grass by the bus stop.
(d) They do not since the snow is not heavy enough.

12. What does the narrator say about D's mother?
(a) She is strange.
(b) She is white.
(c) She is extremely black.
(d) She is French.

13. How does Neeka think she could help Tash out of his legal problems?
(a) She does not know.
(b) By learning the law.
(c) By helping him make better choices.
(d) By writing her congress person.

14. What does D learn that the court system has done?
(a) Approved D's real mother to take her.
(b) Revoked Flo's rights to be a foster mother.
(c) Decided to send D to her real father in another State.
(d) Approved Flo's adoption request.

15. How does Tash refer to himself?
(a) Sister.
(b) The Queen.
(c) Tash.
(d) The Princess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does D vow after hearing the counselor?

2. Where does Jayjones say black men cannot be caught?

3. What does the narrator say Tash has not lost?

4. What does the narrator endure in order to get to where they are going?

5. Who is Flo?

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