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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Tupac when Chapter 10 opens?
(a) He learns his brother is arrested.
(b) He is let out of jail early.
(c) He is sentenced to more time because of hitting a guard.
(d) He is attacked and severely injured in prison.

2. Who does Tash say he will repay?
(a) The judge who sent him there.
(b) Miss Irene.
(c) His brother.
(d) Tupac.

3. What do Tash's visitors have to go through?
(a) A lecture on the justice system.
(b) A brief lecture on what they can and can't do.
(c) A metal detector.
(d) A strip search.

4. What is behind the picture from the narrator's mother?
(a) 20 dollars.
(b) 10 dollars.
(c) A letter from her father.
(d) A letter to her daughter.

5. What happens to the narrator and Neeka in May?
(a) They graduate from high school.
(b) They are arrested for loitering.
(c) They both turn 12.
(d) They both turn 16.

6. Why is the narrator hesitant about D's request?
(a) She is supposed to babysit.
(b) She is not allowed to do what D asks.
(c) She knows her mother does not like D and would not invite her to dinner.
(d) She doesn't have the subway fare.

7. What does D vow after hearing the counselor?
(a) To find her birth father who would love her.
(b) To be the perfect child.
(c) To find her birth mother who would love her.
(d) To show the counselfor that she was tough.

8. What do the three girls vow to do?
(a) Go to speak on Flo's behalf.
(b) Hide D.
(c) Write D every day.
(d) Stay friends forever.

9. What does Neeka fear?
(a) Being beaten or raped.
(b) Her mother finding out.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Being arrested.

10. Where do the girls walk?
(a) To an ice cream store.
(b) To the basement where the party is going on.
(c) The the cousin's neighbor's house.
(d) To a large amphitheater in the park.

11. Why is Tash moved?
(a) He is moved to a work camp.
(b) He is not moved.
(c) He is harrassed about being gay and Tash cuts the man.
(d) He asked to get closer to his family.

12. Where does D tell them they are going?
(a) No where.
(b) Back to her house after dinner.
(c) D decides they should just stay in after dinner.
(d) She does not tell them.

13. What does Neeka's group share?
(a) The prison food.
(b) A large, picnic-style lunch.
(c) Pictures.
(d) Anger towards Tash for getting in there.

14. What effect does Tupac's imprisonment have on him?
(a) It numbs him.
(b) It enrages him.
(c) It sends him into deep depression.
(d) It makes him decide to change his life.

15. How is Sly whenever Tash meets him?
(a) Cold and aloof.
(b) Gushy.
(c) Acts like a Queen.
(d) Alone and seemingly friendless.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator go with Miss Irene one Saturday in the summer?

2. What does Neeka want to do?

3. Why does Randall not tell his side of the story?

4. Why is Neeka resentful on the trip?

5. What is it about the East Side train that makes the narrator and Neeka's family uneasy?

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