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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was the first time Tupac was shot?
(a) August, 1992.
(b) November, 1994.
(c) December, 1995.
(d) October, 1993.

2. What did Tupac do while he was in jail?
(a) Play basketball for the prison team.
(b) Get a college degree.
(c) Release an album.
(d) Write a book.

3. What does Brenda do with her baby in a song?
(a) Raises it by herself.
(b) Gives it up for adoption.
(c) Throws it in the garbage can.
(d) Lets the father take it.

4. What is D's foster mother's name?
(a) Ida.
(b) Flo.
(c) Edna.
(d) Lottie.

5. To what famous group did Tupac's mother belong?
(a) The Black Panthers.
(b) Students for a Democractic Society.
(c) The Hell's Angels.
(d) The Bloods.

6. What is the narrator's mother like?
(a) A drug addict.
(b) Nice enough but standoffish.
(c) Loving but is mostly gone.
(d) An alcoholic.

7. What do Neeka and the narrator decide?
(a) The sidewalk is too cracked to play hopscotch.
(b) Jacks are for babies.
(c) The baby brother is a lot of trouble.
(d) Everyone has to learn jump rope on her own.

8. About how old were the three girl friends when Tupac was shot?
(a) About nine.
(b) About twelve.
(c) About ten.
(d) About fourteen.

9. What are Neeka and the narrator doing?
(a) Playing jacks.
(b) Teaching kids to jump rope.
(c) Playing hopscotch.
(d) Sitting on the stoop talking.

10. Who is Digital Underground?
(a) The group to which Tupac currently belongs.
(b) A group from Tupac's early days as an entertainer.
(c) The group to which the girl who accuses Tupace belongs.
(d) The group accused of shooting Tupac.

11. How many times was Tupac shot the first time he was shot?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) Five.
(d) Four.

12. Why does Jayjones think he was hassled?
(a) Because he is black.
(b) Because he was a smart aleck.
(c) Because he knocked over a white boy in the ball game.
(d) Because he was going up the down escalator.

13. Where has Jayjones been exercising?
(a) In the park.
(b) He snuck into a YMCA.
(c) On the escalator in the mall.
(d) No where.

14. Where was Tupac's mother when she was pregnant with him?
(a) Living with his father.
(b) The book doesn't say.
(c) In Washington, D.C.
(d) In jail.

15. How did the narrator see Tupac?
(a) As a violent gang member.
(b) As someone who wrote hateful songs.
(c) As a truly great ball player.
(d) As a hero and survivor.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what was Tupac known?

2. What is D's biggest dream?

3. What reputation does the narrator have?

4. Why have several colleges contacted Jayjones?

5. For what does D envy Neeka?

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