After Tupac and D Foster Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the narrator say about Tupac Shakur and getting shot in the prologue?

Tupac Shakur, a well-known rapper, had been shot five times, but he miraculously lived. D Foster's time with the unnamed narrator corresponded to the time a few months before Tupac got shot the first time and the summer before he got shot a second time and died. The first time Tupac was shot was November 1994.

2. How do the narrator and Neeka feel about Tupac?

The narrator, D, and their other good friend, Neeka, were very fond of Tupac. The narrator saw him as a survivor and a hero. Even when Tupac was jailed and released an album from jail, the narrator admired him for his irrepressible spirit.

3. What do the narrator and Neeka dream about when they listen to Tupac's music and how old are they?

The girls (they are about twelve at the time) daydreamed about growing up as rappers' wives.

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