After Tupac and D Foster Character Descriptions

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D Foster

She arrives on Neeka and the narrator's block one day, dressed oddly, and develops a quick friendship, initially over Double Dutch jump roping.


She is the best friend of the narrator and someone who has lived with the narrator on the same street since they were both babies.

The Narrator

She is never referred to by name. Like Neeka and D, she is eleven-years-old at the outset of the novel, and thirteen by the time the novel ends.

Tupac Shakur

He was a real-life rap artist who was famously gunned down in 1996.


He is Neeka's older brother. He is a star high school basketball player.


He is Neeka's oldest brother. Referred to as a Queen, he is an effeminate gay man.

Miss Irene

She is Neeka's overbearing mother and the unquestioned head of the family.


She is the narrator's mother.



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