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Prologue and Chapter 1

• In the prologue the reader is told about a character named D Foster whose real mother took her away sometime in the past.

• D Foster's time with the narrator spanned a few months before Tupac was shot the first time to the summer before he was shot a second time.

• The narrator, D, and Neeka are good friends and like Tupac. His shooting made some people call him a gangster and bad influence.

• The narrator saw Tupac as a survivor and a hero even when he was in jailed and releases an album from there the narrator admires him.

• The three girls daydream about being rappers' wives and Tupac's death forces the narrator to think about D and D's impact on the narrator's life.
• After the prologue, the rest of the book is a flashback to the time when D is in her life. Chapter...

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