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Richard Peck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mad, Grandma affixes a spare tire to the front of the farmer's tractor in the barn, and does what?
(a) Rams the tractor into the farmer's house.
(b) Steals the tractor.
(c) Rams the tractor into the tree.
(d) Runs the tractor into the river.

2. Wordlessly, Grandma stews up some _______ on the stove.
(a) Glue.
(b) Soup.
(c) Sauce.
(d) Tar.

3. What is the purpose of Armistice Day?
(a) It commemorates the day the Civil War ended.
(b) It commemorates the end of World War II.
(c) It commemorates the end of World War I.
(d) It commemorates the day the U.S. took up arms against Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.

4. Why does Grandma do this with the tractor?
(a) She makes it rain pecans.
(b) She needs a tractor.
(c) She wants the farmer to know how mad she is.
(d) She does not think the farmer needs a tractor.

5. Finally home, Grandma cuts the food open with what?
(a) A carving knife.
(b) A butter knife.
(c) The pranksters' handsaw.
(d) An electric saw.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mary Alice figures Mildred will do what to her at school tomorrow?

2. Grandma, acting quite polite, does what?

3. Grandma says Mrs. Abernathy receives money from whom for her son, but it is not enough?

4. Like a typical bully, what does Mary Alice's desk mate demand from Mary Alice?

5. One night, Mary Alice is shocked to discover what about Bootsie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is burgoo stew? How might this represent life during the Great Depression?

2. What does Grandma think about Halloween? Why does she feel this way? Why would the reader probably not be surprised by this?

3. What happens to Bootsie one night? Why does this happen?

4. How does Grandma handle these pranksters?

5. How does Grandma get back at Old Man Nyquist? Should she have done this? Why or why not?

6. How can Mary Alice now find out who the pranksters were?

7. What is a main reason for why Mary Alice does not want to move in with her grandmother? Why might she feel this way?

8. What does Mary Alice bring to Grandma's house? Why does she bring this?

9. How does Grandma raise money for Mrs. Abernathy? Is this a good tactic? Why or why not?

10. What is theme is strong in this section? Support your response with information from this section.

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