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Richard Peck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mary Alice is enrolled as a __________.
(a) Freshman.
(b) Junior.
(c) Sophomore.
(d) Senior.

2. Next, Grandma and Mary Alice travel to the _______________ residence.
(a) Pensingers'.
(b) Peridot's.
(c) Pennington's.
(d) Penny's.

3. Grandma dodges Mary Alice's question of what?
(a) Whether or not they should eat pie.
(b) Whether or not the rest of her class wants treats.
(c) Whether or not they are stealing.
(d) Whether or not they are invited guests.

4. With whom does Mary Alice share a room?
(a) Her Grandmother.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Her sister.
(d) No one.

5. What does Grandma think of this holiday?
(a) She hates it.
(b) It is her favorite.
(c) She does not think about this holiday.
(d) It is her least favorite.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is wrong with Mrs. Abernathy's grown son?

2. What does the principal's son's appearance indicate?

3. Augie panics and flees. Why?

4. What does Grandma think of Bootsie the cat?

5. How old is the narrator?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Grandma get back at Old Man Nyquist? Should she have done this? Why or why not?

2. How does Grandma raise money for Mrs. Abernathy? Is this a good tactic? Why or why not?

3. How can Mary Alice now find out who the pranksters were?

4. How does Grandma handle these pranksters?

5. How does Grandma trick Mildred? What does this reveal about her?

6. What is Armistice Day? What is a holiday that we have that serves a similar purpose? What is the purpose of this holiday?

7. Describe the events surrounding Augie's attempt to impress Mary Alice. What does this reinforce about his character?

8. What is burgoo stew? How might this represent life during the Great Depression?

9. What does Grandma do when she arrives at the Pensingers' residence? Why does she do this?

10. How does Grandma continue to taunt the pranksters during the party? How might the pranksters feel about this?

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