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Richard Peck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mary Alice is enrolled as a __________.
(a) Senior.
(b) Freshman.
(c) Sophomore.
(d) Junior.

2. Grandma dodges Mary Alice's question of what?
(a) Whether or not the rest of her class wants treats.
(b) Whether or not they are invited guests.
(c) Whether or not they are stealing.
(d) Whether or not they should eat pie.

3. Mad, Grandma affixes a spare tire to the front of the farmer's tractor in the barn, and does what?
(a) Rams the tractor into the farmer's house.
(b) Rams the tractor into the tree.
(c) Steals the tractor.
(d) Runs the tractor into the river.

4. The teacher is reading ____________ when Mary Alice enters the class.
(a) Dickens.
(b) Shakespeare.
(c) Louisa May Alcott.
(d) Emily Dickinson.

5. Out of whom does Grandma squeeze a whole silver dollar?
(a) Mr. Weidenbach.
(b) Mrs. Abernathy.
(c) August Fluke.
(d) Mary Alice.

Short Answer Questions

1. This family is locally known for its nice _________________.

2. After the shoot, Grandma unloads all the burgoo coins onto ____________.

3. What does Grandma think of this holiday?

4. Mrs. Pensinger comes back for seconds on what?

5. A forlorn Mary Alice informs Grandma of ______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mary Alice move in with her grandmother? What does this reveal about the Great Depression?

2. Why is Mary Alice afraid at night in her room? How does she deal with this fear?

3. What is Armistice Day? What is a holiday that we have that serves a similar purpose? What is the purpose of this holiday?

4. What does Grandma do instead of participating in the sharpshooting competition? Why might she do this?

5. What does Grandma do when she arrives at the Pensingers' residence? Why does she do this?

6. How does Mary Alice react to Mildred's plan for getting her dollar from Mary Alice? What does this reveal about her?

7. What is theme is strong in this section? Support your response with information from this section.

8. What does Grandma think about Halloween? Why does she feel this way? Why would the reader probably not be surprised by this?

9. Where does Mary Alice go directly after arriving in town? What is happening there when Mary Alice arrives?

10. How has Bootsie changed since he moved in with Grandma? What has led to this change?

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