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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Dangerous Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Taking advantage of Arnold's desperation, Grandma charges him the princely sum of _________________ a day for rent.
(a) Ten dollars.
(b) One dollar.
(c) Five dollars.
(d) Two and a half dollars.

2. The man was sent by the government as part of the ________________ administration's ambitious public works project.
(a) Eisenhower.
(b) Roosevelt.
(c) Hoover.
(d) Grant.

3. Does Grandma agree to help Mrs. Weidenbach?
(a) Yes, if Mary Alice may attend as well.
(b) No.
(c) Yes, if she provides all the refreshments.
(d) Yes, if Mrs. Vottsmeier does not attend.

4. Who tells her that she was actually adopted?
(a) Ina-Rae.
(b) Mrs. Vottsmeier.
(c) Grandma.
(d) Aunt Mae.

5. Finally home, Grandma cuts the food open with what?
(a) A butter knife.
(b) A carving knife.
(c) The pranksters' handsaw.
(d) An electric saw.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator, Mary Alice, gets off the train, and, beyond a few clothes, her only possessions are her cat ____________ and her radio.

2. The _____________ family are notoriously bad people.

3. ________________ remains Mary Alice's biggest nemesis.

4. What frightens Mary Alice in her room?

5. What is Augie Fluke intent on proving to Mary Alice?

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