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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Hearts and Flour.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Finally home, Grandma cuts the food open with what?
(a) An electric saw.
(b) A butter knife.
(c) The pranksters' handsaw.
(d) A carving knife.

2. Who is the son of the principal?
(a) Matthew Thomas.
(b) Augie Fluke.
(c) Carl Aberdeen.
(d) Darrel Smiley.

3. What is the DAR?
(a) Daughters of the American Revolution.
(b) Daughters of Armed Revolution.
(c) Daughters for Allied Revolt.
(d) Day of Armistice Resolve.

4. Who tells her that she was actually adopted?
(a) Aunt Mae.
(b) Mrs. Vottsmeier.
(c) Ina-Rae.
(d) Grandma.

5. By this time, Mary Alice has made a friend, _______________, and is on better terms with several girls.
(a) Mildred Burdick.
(b) Carleen Lovejoy.
(c) Ina-Rae Gage.
(d) Jamie Dowdel.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Grandma is widely known as an excellent markswoman, she will not be competing. Instead, what does she do?

2. Why is it important that the school is many miles from Mildred's house?

3. The _____________ family are notoriously bad people.

4. Carleen is incensed that mousy Ina-Rae would get more attention on Valentine's Day than her. Later, what is revealed?

5. Because of Grandma's intimidation tactics at lunch, Mrs. Abernathy will be able to survive for how long?

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