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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Minute in the Morning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before Grandma leaves, about what does she warn Mary Alice?
(a) One of the students, Mildred Burdick.
(b) The Principal, August Fluke.
(c) One of the teachers, Miss Butler.
(d) One of the students, Ina-Rae Gage.

2. Where does Grandma make Bootsie live?
(a) In her room.
(b) In the basement.
(c) In the yard.
(d) In the cobhouse out back.

3. Like a typical bully, what does Mary Alice's desk mate demand from Mary Alice?
(a) Her lunch.
(b) Her favorite pencil.
(c) A dollar.
(d) Her homework.

4. This family is locally known for its nice _________________.
(a) Apples.
(b) Pecans.
(c) Pumpkins.
(d) Corn.

5. Grandma dodges Mary Alice's question of what?
(a) Whether or not the rest of her class wants treats.
(b) Whether or not they are stealing.
(c) Whether or not they should eat pie.
(d) Whether or not they are invited guests.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is the narrator?

2. Who is one of the last to be served?

3. What does the principal's son's appearance indicate?

4. Some ___________ come to the cobhouse and fall over the wire that Grandma strung.

5. Grandma comes out of the cobhouse, frightening the boys, and covers the leader in what?

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